Annoying Sandbars

The crash of wave and snap of sail sung to her while she was crawling around in the bilges in the dark.  She heard a strange snap, crackle, and pop sound coming from under the boat.  She wondered if the boat had drifted into shallow waters, or perhaps she had encountered a sandbar.  She loved being out on the water, listening to nature.  She whispered to her boat, “Work with me momma and if you keep me afloat, I will polish the rudder and paint the skeg tomorrow.”  She pulled the throttle lever back and bumped it in and out of gear which shook her lose.  She recalled that time when she had run aground and was stuck till high tide came in the next day.  She smiled knowing that there was no damage to the boat and she would not have to be towed off, as she still never added that towing insurance to her policy.

Her mind wondered and she thought about Theseus the legendary king of Athens who was blessed to be born with both human and divine qualities.  His mother Aethra, after having lain with her husband on her wedding night, decided to take a walk in the moonlight, which took her through the shallow waters of the sea where she became seduced by Poseidon.  Although it is very rare, and actually only happens when gods are involved, Aethra got doubly impregnated that night with the seed of a mortal and a god, giving birth to the hero Theseus.  She had an affinity with the Greek hero as they both loved being at sea, discovering new things, living day to day which they each thought was better than wine or poppy.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday: May 11th, 2018, where the line is “The crash of wave and snap of sail sung to her.”

11 thoughts on “Annoying Sandbars

    1. I guess I missed the boat on that one, perhaps because I was stuck on a sandbar. It makes a lot of sense since it is called First Line Friday. Although it does say that structure is completely up to the writer and that you should feel free to modify the line. I will do better next time.

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