W Is For Whiners

I am writing for the April A to Z challenge under the Category of Other and Miscellaneous and my Theme is Negative personalities and what’s more important is that today W is for whiners.  Nobody likes a Whiner.  Laugh the world laughs with you, however if you whine, you will whine alone.  The word whiner has nothing to do with wine or weiners for that matter, however a person might whine about their wine being too dry, or whine about their weiner being over cooked. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all drink our wine and eat our weiners without whining?  A whiner is a person who habitually complains, expresses disappointment, or grumbles, nags, snivels, or shows their unhappiness about issues.  The whiner is a crab, and they are crotchety and cantankerous, they find faults, they grouch, grump and mutterer in a self-pitying way.

The whiner won’t stop complaining about minor discomforts or perceived problems, and they seem to get mad when they hear other people complain about them.  This type of person usually pays more attention to how other people make them feel, than to what these other people are actually saying.  Whiners seem to bitch about anything and everything and they never have anything good to say, because they want everyone to focus their attention on them.  Whiners feel like the whole world is treating them unfairly and they always make a mountain out of a mole hill, no matter how minor the annoyance is. They have high standards, and no one is ever able to measures up to what they desire.  Since misery loves company, they want to bring all of their problems to you.  If you offer a solution to them for their problem, it will never be good enough for them and their whining will just escalate.  The water never flows under the bridge for a whiner and they don’t have it in them to let sleeping dogs lie, or just let it be.

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  1. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could all drink our wine and eat our weiners without whining?” I don’t mean to whine, but everyone knows that beer goes better with wieners, not wine. Besides, burgers are far superior to wieners. I’m tired of people who whine about wieners and wine. Aren’t you?

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