Till The Cows Come Home

It was already too late to make any more hay bale decorations, as the judge would be here soon to bestow the hay decorating prize.  The cows will also be wandering up this way as soon as we open up this field for them to graze.  Cows are notoriously languid creatures that usually go along at their own unhurried pace.  The cattle that are let out to pasture are usually expected to return to the barn for their milking the next morning, as otherwise their udders will feel like they are bursting with milk, which would make them very uncomfortable.

100 Words

Written for Randomness Inked Scribbling the Unspoken “Let it Bleed” Weekly Prompt Challenge 15 and Princess Joy Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 164th Challenge.

16 thoughts on “Till The Cows Come Home

    1. Yes I did. I saw you did the Let It Bleed and the prompt seemed simple enough and those hey decorations reminded me of cows, so that is where I got the title. The Daily Prompt was also easy to work in so I went for it. This is my first threefer, and the Flash Fiction word limit made me put it all together this way.

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