The kabbalah is a fascinating book, which is shrouded in mystery and it is basically incomprehensible to most people, unless they receive the proper interpretation.  Only the righteous will ever learn the secret of Light that is hidden in the pages of its composition and those that are fortunate enough to be able to read and understand it, will ascend to a life of eternity and wholeness.  Since the dawn of humanity, unique individuals have climbed the spiritual ladder and achieved the highest level of bonding with the Creator by reading the Kabbalah.  God taught the Kabbalah to His Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Raziel.  God sent His archangel Raziel to teach this knowledge to Adam and Eve, so that mankind might better understand His words.  A book was given to Enoch by the angel Raziel, which held all celestial and earthly knowledge.  This holy book disappeared, but was later found in cave by Moses.  God sent His Archangel Gabriel to Noah, so he could prepare for the flood and know how to build the ark and how to control the animals.  God summoned His Archangel Michael and told him to go down to speak with Abraham concerning his death, so he could set his affairs in order and pass on all of his knowledge to his favorite son Isaac.  The Kabbalah contains the wisdom that man received from God and His angels, these secret teachings were recorded by the prophet Moses, and he also incorporated all that he learned while he was in Egypt. God sent His Archangel Raphael down to earth to touch the heart of David, so the prophet Samuel would recognize him as the one who was chosen by God to succeed Saul.  God had Uriel come down from heaven to disclose the mysteries of the heavenly arcana to Ezra.  The great prophet Elijah was a keeper of the Kabbalah and he revealed that God is love and that is why God sent His Son to save us.

The Kabbalah reveals the three keys of God which gives Him power over the Rain, the Womb and the Resurrection of the dead.  Other prophets down through the ages, have passed on these secret teachings and added new revelations that were designed to lead people toward enlightenment.  The Kabbalah is filled with cryptic truths, that show man how to come up with fresh creative ideas, learn new information, solve problems, resolve conflicts and let go of their destructive emotions. The Kabbalah contains instructions on how to pray and meditate and how to seek God’s permission, before passing on these deep secrets of heaven to others.  The Kabbalah tells man how to perform acts of charity, so men are able to know the true meaning of love, which will help them to gain dominion over all evil, and hopefully will help man to become celestial.  The spiritual, heavenly, religious beliefs learned from reading the Lord’s Divine Words that have been written in the Kabbalah are meant to illuminate the minds of men, before they make important decisions.

Knowledge of faith is stored up in the Kabbalah waiting for man to grow out of his infancy stage and reach a state of enlightenment, when all things of mystery can be revealed to them.  The ultimate secrets of the universe associated with the stars and how they reflect light and how the Sun provides warmth and how the moon controls our lives, are available when man is ready for this knowledge.  Everything that we already know and anything that we will eventually know, all of the divine wisdom from God is waiting for us in the Kabbalah.  The wise shall understand the Tree of Life and get answers to every question.  They will find the purpose of their lives, they will learn the structure of the world and they will know how they will be able to determine their own destiny.  Man must make their hearts and minds pure, before they will be able to receive the light that is God’s wisdom.  Since God moves in mysterious ways there is such a thing as a Kabbalah Talisman, which can be customized for prosperity, protection from the evil eye or black magic, help with love, luck, good health and to overcome obstacles in a person’s personal and professional life.

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