Do You Believe In Magic?

Bending metal with the power of your brain is a paranormal phenomena that people have forgotten about, as over time these abilities were lost to humans.  The power of the human brain is infinite, and bending a spoon with the power of your brain is called psychokinesis or telekinesis, which seems impossible to most people, but it can be done.  However it requires a lot of training and concentration, and because our brain has the capacity to be receptive to what we want to learn, we can influence numerous objects.  There are lots of charlatans, illusionists and magicians that bend spoons using trickery, but that is totally different.

Softening the metal in spoons enough so they can easily bent without using physical force is based on techniques utilizing energy and quantum mechanics.  Concentration allows them to become miraculously malleable so they can be easily bent. There are only two known elements in the whole universe, those being energy and matter.  Albert Einstein came up with the equation E=MC2, which showed the world that matter is energy, and these findings were quickly verified by the scientific community.  Every material that appears to be solid is actually made up mostly of empty space.  Items feel solid because of an electric force makes the electrons dance in specific patterns, as atoms keep their electrons outside the nucleus.  Electrons move in set patterns and although objects are made up mostly of space atoms can get extremely close to each other.

Spoon bending is a vibrational reality that can be learned, which relies on a power controlled by your mind and that has no limits.  If you are able to harness this energy then you should be able to harmoniously interact with the energy of the universe that is present in all human beings, and since positive energy breeds more positive energy, thoughts are able to create movement.  Your thoughts can make you sick, or accelerate healing and they can reprogram your reality.  The original source of thoughts is generally unknown, arising seemingly out of nowhere, they are without substance until we concentrate. They are an invisible force that shapes what we believe and do.  We can allow our brain’s energy stream to flow, but when we attach ourselves to a thought, it becomes our own, and it can often possess us even though we try to control its direction. What is the definition of being human beyond our thoughts and ideas?  The depth of our brain power is inexplicable and invisible, its essence is something that we cannot feel, see or touch.

When you bend a spoon with the power of your mind, you’re simply concentrating energy to affect the energy molecules in the metal.  It’s really quite simple once you understand the principle.  It can be done, as everyone has the power and ability to mentally bend metal.  Once you are ready to activate the energy in your hands and see the energy that is surrounding them, then it is time to focus your attention on the spoon bending.  It is simply mind over matter, which is achieved by directing your will to act on the elementary atoms thus allowing your mind to move or bend an object.

Relax your mind, take several deep breaths and let go of all of the stress.  Close your eyes and do two or three minutes of very deep breathing, as you are mentally relaxing your body.  You need to find your place of peace, where all is well in the world and there are no pressures from the outside world.  Enter your happy place which might be the mountains, the beach, the first time you fell in love, whatever.  This needs to be a peak emotional experience, one that would resemble the goose bumps you got during your first kiss, or the wrenching feeling in your stomach that you have just before a giving speech.

It is best to begin with a lighter-weight piece of flatware.  Go into this altered state while you are sitting in a comfortable chair holding the spoon in your dominant hand.  Your other hand should lie on your lap, palm up, to create an open-energy circuit.  When you arrive at your place of peace, hold the stem of the spoon (near the bowl) with your thumb and index finger.  Now rub the metal between your thumb and finger.  Use the power of your mind and imagine that the metal is getting warmer.  Keep concentrating on staying in your place of peace.  Don’t worry about whether or not the spoon is going to bend or not.  In fact, don’t even think about bending the spoon.  Mind power is able to master energy, and believing in your ability will allow you to do whatever you choose.  You can do whatever you set your mind to!

Continue taking deep breaths and feeling relaxed throughout your body and mind.  Once you’re in an altered state you can open your eyes without awakening.  When you feel ready, begin to rub the back of the spoon at the base where it begins to flair out into the wide shape.  Totally focus your concentration on mentally instructing the spoon to bend.  Transfer that feeling to the spoon, as you start becoming one with the spoon.  Concentrate on directing energy into the space between your thumb and index finger.  You can pass this feeling to the spoon, when you do so you ask it with your mind to bend repeatedly.  Visualize it bending.  You can apply a little pressure as you rub the back but do not physically bend the spoon. Allow the subatomic particles to dissolve in response to your mental commands.  You can start chanting, “Bend”, “Bend”, “Bend”, as you are passing energy into the spoon along with the vibrational properties of your voice.

You may experience difficulty trying to get the spoon to bend, which means that you need to take a short break.  It might help if you talk to someone else, while you are rubbing your spoon, or look around the room just to change your attention. That’s when it is most likely to bend.  If you keep watching the spoon, worrying over it, it will be less likely to bend.  This inattention takes some learning, but if you practice this a few times, then you should be able to do it.  Spoon bending is a lot like breaking a cement block with your head, or walking over hot coals in bare feet, except it is much easier to do and a lot more fun.

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