Theme Reveal for the April A to Z Blog Challenge

This will be my 1st year participating in this alphabetic challenge.  It looks like it will be a lot of fun!  I am not sure about all of the details, but I have already done two month long writing challenges.  Suzanne McClendon’s September Challenge was the first one and I also wrote in Linda G. Hill Life in progress JusJoJan Daily Prompt challenge.  This challenge requires the writer to blog about something every day in April, except for any Sunday than April 1st.  I selected a theme of Negative Personalities, so I won’t be writing about people who are humble, it will be more on the lines of being lazy and pessimistic.

I had to answer a question that asked me if I was planning to use adult content in my posts, which puzzled me a bit, so I clicked on the link to find out how adult content was defined and I got the following: “Excessive Violence — If your blog reads like a how-to guide for Hannibal Lecter, you have excessive violence.  If you’ve written the A to Z guide of how to beat up anyone, make bombs, and kill without detection, you have excessive violence.”  Ok so far, so good, then it went on: “Nudity for sexual purposes — If you write erotica, you have adult content.  This gets tricky with art blogs. If you fall into a gray area, ask the challenge hosts for a ruling before April.” Again, that is not me and then finally it explained: “Strong and frequent harsh language — If the F word is being used as a verb, or it is used more than three times in a blog post, that is considered adult content.  If your every blog post drops at least three curse words, that is adult content.  Adult Content blogs are not written for children.  The purpose of the rating is to protect the young and those sensitive to such topics.  Those people are not the core audience for such blogs, would not follow such blogs, and possibly present legal trouble if they land on adult blogs.  The hosts and their volunteer teams take on the responsibility of keeping the challenge safe and legal for everyone.  Please be respectful of this.” I don’t think this will be a problem for me!

I am not sure if I was supposed to link this blog back to something, so if you know what to do, than please explain this to me.  I wrote a post back on March 12th titled ‘What I Don’t Like About You’ and this is where my theme comes from.  I did make one change as I thought that loathsome and repugnant had identical meanings, so now I am going with reluctant for R.  Here is what I have planned.

April 1st – A is for asshole
April 2nd – B is for bastard
April 3rd – C is for creepy
April 4th – D is for demonic
April 5th – E is for egotistical
April 6th – F is for filthy
April 7th – G is for grubby
April 9th – H is for heinous
April 10th – I is for ignoble
April 11th – J is for judgmental
April 12th – K is for klutzy
April 13th – L is for loathsome
April 14th – M is for moron
April 16th – N is for nervy
April 17th – O is for obnoxious
April 18th – P is for pathetic
April 19th – Q is for quixotic
April 20th – R is for reluctant
April 21th -S is for smelly
April 23rd – T is for tacky
April 24th – U is for uptight
April 25th – V is for vile
April 26th – W is for warped
April 27th – X is for xenophobic
April 28th – Y is for yokelish
April 30th – Z is for zealot

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