Sweaty Out Of Breath But Satisfied

Sex is supposed to be wet and messy, as there will be smells, there are audible sounds and most times there are fluids including semen, sweat, lubricant, and vaginal fluids which can all get a bit messy at times.  Sex is an intimate process that makes some of us feel pretty vulnerable, which is why it’s best to save it for someone who treats you with kindness and respect.  The mess is far worse for the woman, as they get more of it, which will eventually drain over time, either by dribbling out while they sleep or a gushing out when they stand-up, or both.  Semen coagulates after ejaculation, and then liquefies more-or-less twenty minutes later.  People in committed relationships tend to stop using condoms as early as two months into it, so there is an awful lot of post-coitus spillage taking place.  Cleaning up all of the splooge is important if you want to cuddle or enjoy a good night’s sleep afterwards.

Everyone has different opinions about cleanliness, but some people actually plan on how they will handle the mess when they know that they are going to be having some wonderfully messy sex.  They do this by leaving a couple of large towels near the bed.  It takes just a few seconds to put those down beforehand and they can be incorporated as part of your sex life, as when your husband sees that you have laid out the sex towels, then he knows what is coming and he gets turned on.  It saves a lot of running to the bathroom afterwards and keeps both of you from having to sleep on the damp remnants of a sex act.

Vaginas do not absorb semen, as what goes in must come out, and since it does, there is actually a name for this escaping gas and leaking fluid associated with vaginal flatulence which is referred to as a vart, a vagina fart or a queef.  It’s normal, so don’t freak out.  There are certain noises which will happen during sex that can be embarrassing and it might be best if they are ignored.  These moist sucking sounds just sort of happen when two bodies are slapping against each other, and the expulsion of air from a vagina after sexual intercourse happens with women all over the world.

A queef is not a vaginal fart, as they do not smell, because they don’t come from the process of digestion like rectal waste gas does, they just come from pockets of air sneaking out of your vagina in a quick burst.  Queefs happen when air works its way into the vaginal canal and then escapes, sometimes making a fart-like toot-toot sound as it passes back out of the vaginal opening.  Certain activities may put you at greater risk of producing a queef, but they can also happen randomly.  They are especially common during sex, because air can easily be pushed up into a vagina by fingers, penises, or sex toys.  Queefs are often emitted after a pull-out.  A vagina will expand when a person is turned on, and this will make more room for air, and as vaginal moistness increases during sex, this will help to make that ‘poot poot poot’ sound more pronounced.  A vagina isn’t constructed as a straight tube, it has folds called rugae (a series of ridges produced by folding of the wall of an organ) that are like wrinkles.  It is not hard to imagine how air could get trapped there.

Life is unfair and since our brains control our bodies and sex often puts our brains on hold, most of us have very little control over our body’s functions during coitus, so when you are relishing in your sexiest moments, it is quite possible that your vagina may let out a big fart sound.  There is no reason for embarrassment as there is nothing abnormal about letting out a sputter of queefs every time you have sex.  Air is a gas, and the nature of gases is that they fill their containers and when that container happens to be your vagina, well things just happen.  I think that queefs are no big deal and I actually consider them to be romantic, as I take this unique and recognizable sound as a sign that my partner is comfortable being with me and that she has been trying to enhance our mutual pleasure by contracting her vaginal muscles around my manhood, so this is evidence of the great sex that we just had.  Those little toot-toots in relationships make all the difference and they can lead to the kind of long-lasting love that we all want.  In the end, you just need to accept that life is a toot, you have to embrace the mess and understand that queefs happen.

11 thoughts on “Sweaty Out Of Breath But Satisfied

      1. I hear that you need to make sure that you don’t exhale too forcefully, or use your abdominal to push the air out, instead gently release the air with your abs relaxed to prevent queefing.


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