A Calamity

This may sound like a farfetched fairy tale, but I assure you that this story is true.  The other day while I was enjoying my chamomile tea, I bit into an apple and I was shocked when I saw a half-eaten worm still wiggling around.  My head immediately started to bobble, shaking up and down and also moving sideways.  I began to panic, thinking that I might get cancer from the portion of the worm that I swallowed.  I decided to drink some bleach to kill the worm that was inside of me, but this caused me to suffer a temporary blindness and I fell down and bumped my head on the granite counter top.  Now I was really dizzy and stood I there contemplating that I needed to take something for the suppression of my pain.  This beautiful celestial being approached me, but as she got closer, she lost her splendor in a layogenic sort of way.  I smiled at her when I saw her bra through her transparent blouse.  She smiled back at me and asked me if I saw anything that I liked and then she said that she was suffering from autophobia and that she did not want to be alone.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #186 Again.

8 thoughts on “A Calamity

  1. kaykuala

    she was suffering from autophobia
    and that she did not want to be alone

    Very lucky oops! very unusual to receive such suggestive remarks in such a situation!



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