The Wrong Apartment

I was so tired when I got off work yesterday, but this was the weekend that I was supposed to go camping, so I had to stop by my buddies apartment and pick up my sleeping bag that he never returned.  When I walked through what I thought was his front door, I realized that I had made a big mistake and I was in the wrong apartment.  The apartment was filled with women and one of them offered me a drink and said, “I am so glad that the entertainment finally showed up as this party was starting to get boring.”  That was when I realized that this was a bachelorette party filled with horney girls that were all drinking and waiting to have a male stripper rub up all over them.

The music was really loud and they all seemed to be totally hammered and then the bride to be handed me three hundred dollars, kissed me on my lips and said, “The party is in the living room.”  My girlfriend had told me about these parties after she went to one before her cousin got married and all the salacious action and infidelity that took place there and I saw that some of these women were old enough to be my mother and even my grandmother and I didn’t want all of them trying to touch me and grab my stuff.  I told her that this was a mistake and that I was not the entertainment, that I had just entered the wrong apartment.  I handed the money back to her and she started sobbing and she said, “I didn’t even want a stripper and I only agreed to this so my girlfriends could have fun.  Most of them are lonely housewives that are absolutely bored out of their skulls because they have nothing to do.  The stripper was supposed to be here at 2PM and now it is just after 4, so I will have to tell all of the ladies that he is not coming.”

I gave her a hug and I told her that I just split up with my girlfriend and that I was going camping for the weekend to try and sort my life out.  I told her that I was not a good dancer, but I thought that it would be fun to be the entertainment for her party and then I said that I could really use the money.  She told me that her name was Gloria and I told her that my name was Gary.  Gloria said that no one here would be criticizing my dancing, she said that I was a good looking guy and she said that all of her friends would see me as beef cake and eye candy, as my abs looked like I was displaying a six pack.  Then she said that anything that happened here would be only what I chose to do and if I would agree to be the dancer that I could keep the three hundred dollars and that I could probably double that by giving some of the girls lap dances.

Gloria said. “You must be certain that you want this as there is a whole room full of crazy girls out there that have been sipping drinks through penis shaped straws and they all want to flip the gender roles around by taking advantage of a man, so they can feel sexual empowerment.  You will be performing for these excitable women, some of whom might try to become sexually aggressive with you, as they might feel that this is their only chance to engage certain fantasies that they won’t get at home with their husbands.  A lot of my friends came here looking at this party as an opportunity for them to let loose, thinking that this is an environment where everything goes out the window and it’s OK for them to do whatever they’re doing.  Some of these inebriated girls will try to cross boundaries with you and do things that they would never dream of doing at home in the privacy of their bedrooms.”  I told Gloria that this was kind of scary for me, but that as long as I was allowed to say ‘no’ to certain things that I didn’t want, that I would be her entertainment for this party.

I headed out into the living room hearing all the women whistling and giving me cat calls.  I had no clue what was expected of me, but I felt confident enough in my body that I figured I could sort of wing it for a while, till I got the hang of this.  Since these ladies were expecting the entertainment to arrive over two hours ago, they were all pretty much trashed when I got out there and several older women started hitting on me immediately.  The bride’s mom kept encouraging me to lose my shirt, so I took it off and they all started to cheer.  A chant of ‘Kiss the bride’ started and I told them that I didn’t want to make Gloria uncomfortable just for their amusement.  Gloria said that this was her last hurrah and that she was going to make the best of it, so she put her arms around me and she kissed me, while sticking her tongue inside of my mouth.  She stripped off her panties and then she put them over my head.  The women took that as their signal to attack me and they ripped all of my clothes off.  Some of the older women started stripping and I saw more than enough cellulite on them along with their swinging boobs as the party turned into a Roman orgy.  They were all turned on and ready to go, it became hard for me to breath with all of these women on me and my only thought was that I should never have entered that apartment, but while I was stuck here I would try to make the best out of it.

Written for 2/24/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to write about a door you walked through this week that wasn’t your own.

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      1. I did not intend to disgrace or embarrass you and I know that you were just being humorous by bringing up the onions and you did not exhibit any indecent behavior, so there is no reason for you to feel any shame.

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      2. I have three kids. My oldest – 11 – doesn’t mind whether the onions are there or not. My daughter – 5 – won’t eat anything if she can see the onions. My youngest 3- treat onions like the are apple slices. He likes them raw.

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