Ships That Passed In The Night

It was incredible being close with you, even though it only lasted for a short period.  I had a fantastic time with you and I will always have fond memories of your sultry body and us being together.  I know that you are fragile, but we must both go our separate ways, although I do wish that we could stay together longer.  The way you would whisper in my ear will soon fade from my memories and turn to silence and although I loved staring into your pupils, those reminiscences will also turn into darkness.  We are on parallel paths and we are doomed to never share another moment of tangency again.  I will always have butterflies in my stomach when I think about you and our brief encounter with all of the intense moments that we had, but fate has dictated that we never see each other again.  I will dream of your mocha lips and I may wake up in a sweat, but we are just like two ships that greeted each other by flashing lights and now we must sail off into the night.  The ocean is a big place, and the odds of two ships sailing directly past each other is enormous, but we will always have that night that we spent on the veranda together where your eyelashes would not stop fluttering, however on this ocean of life we will never meet or speak to each other again.  Our time together was so short, but I will always remember how your body would sway, but the truth is that our relationship is without any lasting significance.

The words shown below were used in exact order.
Moment of Tangency

Jimi Hendrix Ships Passing Through the Night

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Bonus Wordle “Moment of Tangency”.

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