Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Most people hate to wait.  We don’t like being placed on hold, or getting stuck in traffic, or standing in line at the bank or the supermarket.  In this information age, our impatience is reaching unprecedented levels, as we expect most things to move at the speed which data and information travel and this is measured in microseconds.  Some people are more willing to hang on for large rewards, than to go for instant but small gratification, and recently claims by experts point to a circuit in the brain which tells the human mind to delay seeking immediate satisfaction.  A person has the ability to resist an on the spot reward and delay it for months or even years if it means a better return in the future.

You can dream about your goals all you want, but you won’t ever reach them if you don’t do anything to achieve them!  This adage does not mean that you should wait for success to drop in your lap, or stand idly by waiting for that once in a lifetime opportunity.  This maxim is telling you not to be impatient.  You need to give some things time so that they will work out. This does not mean that your patience should be infinite.  Do not waste your entire life by waiting for some result of what you have done to come to fruition.  All work, even when it is performed earnestly, does not produce the desired good unless it is done with patience.  Any achievement requires discipline.  Discipline requires patience and waiting patiently is a necessary component as a hunter stalks prey.  If the hunter were to act impulsive, there would be no chance of correcting a mistake and his prey would escape because of his impatience.  I don’t believe that good things will always happen to those who wait, but for those who do wait and then get what they desire, they will derive extra satisfaction.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday – February 14 prompt.

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  1. I love stories about past civilizations who started grandiose projects knowing it might take several hundred years to complete! That 1000 foot wall Trump promised may take a couple of hundred years to complete st this rate!

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