My Costume In All Its Sparkling Splendor

Tutus are the rage and I almost quit ballet because I was wearing those practice tutus that stunk of body odor from the others who’d worn that costume, year after year before me.  My mom encouraged me to stick with it and she said that if I showed any real talent that she would buy me my own.  My mom was never a dancer when she was young, so she doesn’t know the difference between a pancake, platter, powder puff or a bell tutu.  The other dancers will have the pancake style, but my mom got me this platter style.

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Written for Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday Writing Challenge: Week 57.

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      1. I have never met a woman who wanted to whoop my ass, some wanted to do other things to it though. The ballerina was very happy to have her own costume, so she did not have to wear those stinky ones, but she did not match the other girls, so it is possible that someone might pick on her for that. Recent gains in women’s rights are making women happier, but some are still moody and miserable and it seems like their mission is to make their man unhappy. Women are much more complicated than men and their minds are always busy, they are distracted by their work which they deem essential, that of attending to the needs of others and because of this, they can never feel truly satisfied.

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      1. A good father does not have to know everything about their children’s interests. I consider my dad to have been a good father, but he was more interested in playing ball with my brother and I than he was with ever playing with my sister and her dolls. When my sister got married and bought her first house, my dad spent all of his free time helping her and her husband making improvements to it. Love can be shown in many different ways.

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    1. Did you really miss me as it seems like almost nobody reads what I write. I thought that I wrote my best post yet for Wednesday’s One Liner about Every Dog Having Its Day and hardly anybody read it. I took Thursday off to get my taxes done and to sign up for Social Security. Friday I had some nasty 6th graders and I was tired because I had to yell at all of them.

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      1. I missed you Jim and that’s why I asked. Everyone read your posts Jim. I thought about asking you yesterday, but thought it wouldn’t be wise since you work a lot. And well I’m a freeloader. But when you didn’t post anything today I got worried. I’ve said before Jim, you’re family.

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