Error XYZ

I turned on my tablet this morning and I saw this strange message that indicated that I had a hard drive problem.  My tablet was working fine on Friday when I last used it, so this did not make much sense to me.  I got it in 2012, thus it was no longer in mint condition, but I was always gentle with it.  It has a protective case that I could bend, in order to stand it up.  The error message gave me two choices, but it was stuck on the top row and there was no way for me to select the other option.  My head started to spin, because I don’t like problems.  I realized that I would have to compose my post the old fashioned way using ink and paper.  At one time I had a wireless keyboard, but now it is missing and I was thinking that it might have come in handy to allow me to select the other option if I knew where it was.  I really love this tablet, because it came with Windows 7 and I feel like when I take it to be repaired, that the repairman will inject it with Windows 10, which I don’t really like.  I know it must seem like I am making a spectacle out of this, but I really did need to vent.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle 337 by Brenda Warren.

8 thoughts on “Error XYZ

  1. i have a laptop still programmed with windows xp. it can’t do much, but i like the screen reader on that laptop better – which i can’t upgrade, so i can’t upgrade windows either or it’d stop working.
    but on this laptop, i have windows 07, which i downgraded because 10 acted weird with thie screen reader here.

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