Insanity Is Expecting Change When You Keep On Doing the Same Old Thing

As far as anyone is aware, the universe consistently acts according to predictable laws and since God created our world, He established rules for the universe to follow, and humanity must abide by this unique set of guidelines.  A cosmic constant known as the ‘golden ratio’ is said to be found in the shape of hurricanes, elephant tusks and even in galaxies.  This ratio is the key to everything from encrypting computer data, to the numbers of spirals on a sunflower head, our own limbs and why the Mona Lisa is so pleasing to the eye.  These spiral patterns are also found in pineapples, cauliflowers and pine cones.  Now researchers say this ratio is also seen in the topology of space-time, affecting the entire universe as a whole.

Our universe behaves consistently, because it is built on scientific laws with mathematical constructs. Kepler had faith that a uniform law could be developed, to describe the movement of the planets and the mathematical laws of that movement.  If physics in our universe weren’t consistent from moment to moment, then it’s highly unlikely that anything even remotely resembling intelligent thought as we understand it, would have been able to emerge.  Humans suspect that things which are uniform will diverge, so we continue to research different models to the point where they become consistent, and in the places where two models agree with the universe but not each other, research continues to try to find ways to further test them and distinguish which model works better.  We have defined unbreakable laws to govern the behavior of Nature, and humans have the ability to understand this by means of our senses, language and intellect.

The Fibonacci sequence is often called the Fibonacci Spiral and the ratio of any two successive Fibonacci numbers from three on is about 1:1.618.  This ratio occurs ubiquitously throughout nature, in logarithmic spirals that underlie the process of growth.  They say the golden ratio of 1.618, can be seen related not only to aspects of mathematics, but also to physics, chemistry, biology and the topology of space-time, and it may dictate how certain things in the universe take shape.  In this sequence each number is the sum of the previous two, so it results in 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.  If you take two successive numbers their ratio is very close to 1.618.  The ratio of 1.618 has already been found externally all over the human body.  This ratio usually marks the proportion of your hand to your forearm as well as the distance between your three knuckles on each finger.  The sequence seems to grow in an organic way, so many feel that the golden ratio does play a part in nature.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 23 where the prompt is to Hack the normal!

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  1. I read about Fibonacci in seventh grade and afterwards many years later saw a video of Arthur Benjamin. The only other thing grabbing my attention at that time was Mallory and Irvine. So many mysteries.

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  2. “…and since God created our world, He established rules for the universe to follow, and humanity must abide by this unique set of guidelines.” Based upon what it says in Genesis about what God created, he didn’t seem to know much about his own creation, did he?

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    1. God is transcendent and on the six days of creation, God said let something happen and it did happen. In other words, the will of the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God was all that was necessary for creation to take place, it occurred in eight separate stages spread over six successive days.

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  3. God created a code, but forgot to give the key to inhabitants of the planet. Certain organisms appear to be more aligned. We spend lifetimes cracking the code with very little success.

    Thanks for joining in!

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