At Last It Is Mine

I finally captured the Sprite and in case you ask, a Sprite is an out of the ordinary diminutive being, a supernatural ethereal enchanter entity who often depicted as a fairy-like creature, such as a brownie, elf, genie, gnome, nymph or pixie.  It was drawn to the cookies that I just baked and I waited for it to show itself.  It looks like a bright light between my fingers, but when I captured the Sprite it was a delicate, beautiful, ageless winged woman dressed in diaphanous white clothing.  Sprites are creatures of the element water and they are found only in places where it is serene and cool.  They like to play with nymphs or torment butterflies, but the butterflies don’t really seem to mind.  Sprites have one very important job, which is going around and changing the colors of a tree’s leaves in Autumn.  I should let this one go, so it can go about doing its business.

159 Words

Written for Princess Joy’s FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 30, 2018.

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