Kids Can Be Cruel

Yesterday I wrote about a humiliating experience that I had after getting stitches and today I will relate the beginning and the end of that story.  When I was young my brother and I would shower together, I guess my parents thought that it was saving water.  This continued for several years until the accident that I had which required me to get stitches.

I was finished under the shower, so I stepped to the back of the shower stall, to allow my brother to have has turn under the water.  When I realized that I had soap in my eyes, I tapped my brother on his back and told him to let me back under the water again.  He said that I already had my turn and now it was his turn, so I would have to wait.  I told him that I could not wait and that I only needed a few seconds to get the soap out of my eyes, but he would not budge.  We started pushing each other and I slipped and fell through the glass door (before safety glass was invented), and I ended up with twenty-eight stitches.

After I got my stitches, I was told to be careful that they did not get wet.  One day my brother and a couple of our friends and me rode our bikes to the community pool, so they could go swimming, but I would have to watch.  Kids will be kids and because I could not get my stitches wet, the other boys decided to tease me about how wonderful the water felt.  The taunting kept getting worse to the point where they started to splash me anytime I was got close to the pool.  It was bad enough that I was not able to swim with my friends, but it was made worse because they caused me so much aggravation.

Written for Linda G Hill Life in progress January 12, 2018 #JusJoJan Daily Prompt is Aggravation by Fandango.

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