Senior Trip

On my senior class trip we went up to the Pocono’s.  The trip started off badly for me as when I got on the bus, a teacher grabbed me and said, “Adams this bus is full, you need to find another bus.”  I replied, “All of my friends are on this bus, let me sit with my friends.”  The teacher said, “If you wanted to sit on this bus, then you should have signed up to sit on this bus.”  I had a Donald Trump moment, as who knew that you had to sign up for a bus (actually unrelated to health care).  The only bus with empty seats was the bus that the Band and Chorus students were riding on, so I got on that bus and sat in the back.  The student that sat next to me was a guy named Chucky and he was a stoner and he also had no idea that he was supposed to sign up for a bus.  Chucky was kind of a scary dude and nobody messed with him, not even the teachers.

The bus started out and the singing began with ‘Row, row, row your boat’, and Chucky lit up a joint which made it easier to deal with the singing.  I did not bring any of my own weed with me on this trip, as it was a school sponsored event.  These people liked singing and they went from song to song singing the whole way on this hour and a half bus ride, but Chucky brought a lot of joints with him.  Then they started singing ‘100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall’ which is a long song and it gets very monotonous counting down from 100 to zero, however when they reached zero, some idiot called out, “One more time”, and they started all over again from 100.  It was probably the most annoying trip that I ever took and I never wanted to get on another bus again, thankfully Chucky did make the trip more tolerable.

The first day, I split my pants while playing softball.  I was never really friendly with a lot of the students that were in my senior class, as I usually hung out more with the Juniors than the Seniors.  It was so strange to see these girls flirting with me after my pants split, as I never thought that any of them would ever give me the time of day before.  They all had boyfriends, but they were not paying any attention to them.  My pants split really bad and my crotch was on display, but I was wearing underwear and that is sort of like a bathing suit.  I was going to quit playing when my pants split, but all these girls on my team said that I should keep on playing, so I did.

It was a sleep over trip and on the second day I got together with my buddies and we went to play golf. Then it was back to the dreaded bus, but Chucky had saved some stash for the trip back home.  When the busses arrived back at the school one of the guys that I played golf with invited me to a party down the shore that night at his parent’s house and he told me that the prom queen and a few of the cheer leaders (the girls that were flirting with me) were also coming.  Who knew that these girls even partied?  I brought my weed along to this party, but I did not have any papers, so one of the girls was savvy enough to fashion a pipe from the cardboard applicator that held her tampon and she used aluminum foil for the bowl.  It worked good enough for all of us to get stoned, but I did feel funny saying, “Hey girl, pass me the tampon.”

Written for Linda G Hill Life in progress January 8, 2018 #JusJoJan Daily Prompt is Pants by pensitivity101.

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