Jim always liked his two cute cousins, Clare and Sue and when Clare suggested that they all play a game together, “Jim blurted out Spin the bottle.”  Sue said, “That is not going to happen and we are not playing Truth or Dare either, we will play Scrabble.”  The game began and it was moving along till Sue laid down her tiles which spelled out the word morii and Jim said, “That is not a real word.”  Sue said, “Not only is it a real word, but I also know the meaning, which I am sure that neither of you do.” Jim said, “I think that you spelled it wrong as, That’s Amore is the Italian Café restaurant on the other side of the tracks that serves delicious specials for lunch and dinner, this place is really top notch.”  Clare said, “You are always thinking about food, when I hear the word morii, it makes me think about a frolic of fairies.”  Sue said, “You are both wrong, morii is an emotion, it is the desire to capture a fleeting experience.”

Jim said. “If I had known that this game was going to be a Language Arts lesson, I would have done more preparation.  We need to liven this game up a bit, I will get us all glasses and the bottle of wine that I put in the frig earlier and someone should put on the radio, so we can listen to some music.”  Clare said, “While you get the wine, I will go to the bathroom and tinkle and I think it would be best if Sue picked out the radio station.”  Clare heard the music playing when she came out of the bathroom and she saw the wine and the glasses just sitting on the table.  She was not all that surprised to see her sister Sue in a tussle with Jim, as she was always flirtatious and renown for instigating many playful wrestling matches that usually ended with her being on top of some guy.  Clare said, “I did not mean to drop in on you two, but seriously, I can’t leave you alone for a minute.”

Sue said, “Sorry, we were just living our lives in the moment and I was overcome with an urge to grasp a momentary encounter, it was like a morii.  You know those rare experiences we stop to notice, and carry with us, in the hopes of stringing them together, trying to tell a story before it starts to fade.  OK, let’s get back to the game, you got 68 points for your word and now it is my turn.”  Sue made the word solstice and she said that is 85 points for me and then, ‘Run The World’ by Beyoncé started playing on the radio.  Clare said, “I love this song”, then she stood up and shook the ribbon out of her hair and she started dancing and singing along.

As the song ended, Jim said, “You better sit down and rest for a while, as your face has become all florid and you almost knocked over the Poinsettia with your wild dancing.  The way you were shaking your tatas around, I thought that you might perforate your top.”  Clare said, “That is strange as just a few minutes ago, it seemed like you were the one who wanted to make this game more lively and when I hear that song it makes me want to party.  Relax drink your wine as your parents will not be back till dawn.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Bonus Wordle “Holidays 2”.

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