Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

How are you?  I am fine.  I guess that you are getting a lot of letters now, with it being so close to Christmas and I hope that mine arrives in time for you to know what I want.  I hope that I am still on the Nice List and I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful presents that you brought down my chimney for me over the past few years.

I am nine years old now and I am in fourth grade.  My teacher says that I am a good student and I always help out my parents around the house.  I make my bed every day, I keep my room clean and tidy, I help my mom with the dishes after meals and I even helped my dad paint the garage last summer.  My dad said that I will be old enough to cut the grass next summer.

Anyway, since I have become more responsible, this year for Christmas I would like to get a puppy.  I can earn money by shoveling snow, so I will be able to buy food for my dog.  I saved $35 from the money that I got from the tooth fairy, which I will use to buy a dog license and a collar and a leash.  My Aunt Helen always sends me $50 for Christmas and also for my birthday and I will use that money to make sure that my dog gets the shots that he will need.

I am not real fussy about what kind of dog you bring me, but since I only weigh 78 pounds, it might be best if the dog that you bring me is either small or medium in size.  I know that my mom would like it if the dog did not shed all that much.  My dad told me that he had dogs when he was young and I am sure that he would be happy to help me train my dog.  There are a lot of cats in my neighborhood, so if I could get a dog that does not want to chase them, then my neighbors would be able to relate better to him.

We have a fence in our backyard and I just learned how to play soccer and I would love to be able to run around in my yard and play with my dog.  I have not decided what I will name my dog yet, that is if he does not already come with a name.  All I want is the dog, so you don’t have to bring me any other presents this year.  As always, my dad will be leaving out a shot of whiskey for you by the tree, so you can warm up a bit.  Please say hi to all the elves and the reindeer and Mrs Claus for me.

Respectfully yours


5 thoughts on “Letter to Santa

  1. Wow! $35 from the tooth fairy? I guess times have changed. I used to get a quarter for each tooth. Even at a dollar a tooth, that’s more dollars than a kid has baby teeth! Still, Jake seems like a good kid. Santa should bring him a dog. Preferably a rescue dog and not one from a puppy mill.

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