Hindenburg Disaster

“It burst into flames, this tragedy is terrible, oh my God, it is burning and burning, it is not settling to a decent rhythm, it is falling, oh, the humanity!”

A 30 Word HORROR story utilizing the five word prompt ‘settling to a decent rhythm’.
Written for this week’s L.E.R.T MicroMondays challenge.
I do not usually get involved in Flash Fiction, but my friend Fandango remarked how difficult this was to write and after trying, I agree with him.

11 thoughts on “Hindenburg Disaster

  1. Nicely done, Jim. I agree that writing Microfiction is pretty difficult, especially with limitations. But telling a story in spite of the limitations is the real challenge, isn’t it? That is what inspired me to create this challenge. Thanks for joining.

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    1. It was my pleasure, thanks for letting me participate. My friend Fandango wrote on his post how difficult this is and that made me want to try. Once I thought of the Hindenburg perspective, it was just a matter of limiting my words. I love to tell stories where knowledge can be exchanged and sometimes limitations can drive creativity.


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