The Elements

Theophrastus said, “Do you mean to imply that everything in the entire universe is made up of only five elements, being earth, water, air, fire and ether?”  Aristotle replied, “The universe is truly an extravagant place and yes you did catch my meaning correctly.  You are a fast learner, but there are miles to go before you can sleep.  You have not reached the top of the incline yet, but you do have a great attitude that features a certain coruscant.”

Theophrastus said, “Thanks teacher, but I feel that you are being too lenient on me and I may do better with stricter discipline.”  Aristotle replied, “A man threw his fishnet into the sea and all he caught was a tulip and because of this glitch, he was feeling very saudade.”  Theophrastus said, “I fail to see how this is relevant.”  Aristotle said, “When you figure it out, then let me know.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #182.

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    1. What about Confucianism as that is humanism, a philosophy or attitude that is concerned with human beings, their achievements and interests, rather than with the abstract beings and problems of theology.

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