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Frank and Ellen were sitting around the house and Ellen complained that there was nothing worth watching on TV tonight. Frank suggested that they could go out to see a movie and Ellen asked what was playing.  Frank told her that the Multiplex Cinema was featuring 10 movies and that he could tell her what they are about.

‘The Old Sawmill’ features men cutting wood on a dangerous looking saw and then accidents start to happen and because safety was ignored in this plant the owner is sent to prison, where revenge is taken out on him.  I really do not care to see this movie, as I hate looking at people that get hurt by machinery and I care even less for prison films.  It is Rated R: Restricted for those under the age of 17, because of blood and gore.

‘Insatiable Doubt’ is about a guy who seemingly has everything, but he can’t seem to escape the feeling that it simply isn’t enough.  He doubts that his wife is being faithful and this leads him to embark on a series of sexual encounters to try and satisfy an insatiable appetite that he has developed for sex.  I would not waste my money on this film, although I might check it out if it goes on Netflix.  It is Rated NC 17 for nudity and bad language.

‘The Missing Eye’ is about a detective who lost his eye in a brawl while he was looking for a missing woman.  He gets a transplanted eye from a killer who he was responsible for putting on death row.  The eye causes him hallucinations, but it also gives him insight to the behavior of twisted killers, which helps him to solve many of his cases.  It is a comedy thriller that is Rated PG-13 and I guess we could go see this.

‘House of Bones’ is a new Star Trek movie that follows the character Dr. Leonard H. Bones McCoy while he is studding at Starfleet Academy.  This is also a comedy and it is supposed to have great special effects.  It has a G Rating and I would definitely go to see this.

There is nothing to say about ‘Zombie Apocalypse Take 2’, except that it will probably be a bigger bomb than the original.  I don’t understand what type of people actually go to see these movies.

‘The Jagged Piece’ is supposed to be similar to the ‘Jungle Book’, being about a boy who gets lost in Africa and he talks to animals.  It is a cartoon and it is by Pixar Animation Studios, so I am sure that it has incredible graphics.  It is Rated G and I will also wait for this to be on Netflix.

‘All That Lies Broken’ is a war movie about a family that hides out in a cave in Kandahar, Afghanistan where they fear the Taliban.  Brad Pitt is up for an Oscar in this movie and although I usually try to avoid war movies, I would go to see this Rated PG-13 film.

‘Whispers in the Wall’ is a movie about Edgar Allen Poe living with rabies and how crazy this made him after he was bitten by a raccoon.  Kevin Bacon plays Poe and I always like everything that he does.  It is Rated G and it has gotten some good reviews.

‘The Sound of Pride’ is about a High School marching band and a trip that they take to the nation’s capital to perform at Trump’s inauguration.  It was funded by the Republican Committee for Decency and I am sure it is full of propaganda, so I will pass on this.

‘The Anniversary’ is a new Woody Allen romantic comedy that takes place in New York City.  This couple goes out for their anniversary hoping to have a glamorous and romantic evening, but nothing goes right for them as one calamity after the next happens to ruin their night.  This movie is supposed to be along the lines of Date Night that came out in 2010.  It has a PG 13 Rating and I am OK with seeing this.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt #232 “It’s All In The Title”.

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