An Eventful Evening

One night my grandparents were sitting in their living room relaxing and watching TV when something flew past them. My grandpa exclaimed, “What was that?” and my grandma replied, “I am not sure as I only caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye, but it looked a lot like a giant moth.”  My grandpa said, “Go kill it!”   My grandma said, “What is wrong with you, why do you always order me around like that?  I am not your slave, let’s go kill it together.”  My grandpa said, “Moths give me the creeps and I was only thinking about that quilt that you just finished and how you wouldn’t want that moth to be destroying it.”

My grandma got up to chase after the moth and she came back about five minutes later.  My grandpa said, “Did you kill it?” and my grandma replied, “It sort of killed itself, I think it must have rammed into the wall and committed suicide and it was not a moth, it is a bat!”  My grandpa said, “Ewe, get that thing awful thing away from me, I hate bats.”  My grandma who was holding the bat in a dust pan said, “Get up and open the door for me, so I can throw it out into the yard.”  My grandpa said, “I appear to be stuck in my chair, I can’t get up.”

My grandma reached for the door handle and just then the bat woke up from its sleep and started flapping all around the living room.  Clearly my grandpa was not stuck in his chair, because he got up real quickly and made a mad dash toward his bedroom.  My grandma ran after him into the bedroom and she said, “Get out of bed and help me catch the bat.”  My grandpa pulled the covers over his head and he said, “No!”  My grandma put her babushka on to cover her hair, so the bat would not get in it and then she went after the bat with a broom and she wacked it.  After she disposed of the bat outside she took the broom into the bedroom and whacked my grandpa with it and said, “That was for not helping.”  That was an evening that they never forgot.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #149 – 7th December – Grandparents.

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  1. Lol…great story Jim. I’m sure every grandparent couple would have stories to tell. My mother used to tell the tale of the day Grandad lost his glasses and had everyone in the household looking for them. After about an hour of furious searching mum looked at him and saw his glasses on top of his head. He was reminded every chance they got. Thanks for adding to the tale weaver.

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