Skiing At Great Gorge

I went skiing at Great Gorge once and that was it for me. I went with my wife, her mother, her sister and her two kids.  The older kid was a good skier and he asked me if I wanted to follow him down the hill, so I said sure that sounds like fun.  My wife and her mother went to the practice hill to take lessons and they asked me to join them because they thought that maybe I needed a lesson.  I did plenty of snurfing (a monoski the predecessor of the snowboard) at the country club before and I figured that it would be much easier with two skis than just one board.  A snurfer is wider and shorter than a pair of skis, and it had a rope tied to the front that let you steer.

My nephew took me to the expert hill, which sort of went straight down and it was kind of scary going that fast.  He zipped in and out around trees and I stayed right on his heels, until we got to the bottom of the hill.  My nephew snowplowed to a stop and I had no idea how to do that.  The lodge with all of its glass windows was approaching me quickly, so I dove into the snow, as I felt that was the only way for me to stop.  Snow went down my coat and down my shirt and even down my pants.  I realized that I was able to ski, but it would have been a good idea for me to take a lesson on how to stop.  I was done skiing after one trip down the hill and I spent the rest of the day drinking in the lodge.

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