A Saint

God exists as an unapproachable light that few living people have ever got the chance to see.  God lives in heaven and He looks down on us and watches over us.  My mom was born on All Saints Day and I feel that she is now up in heaven with my dad and God, as she was a saintly woman and a truly good person.  My mom was not perfect and the church may not look at her as being an Angle or a Saint, but I will always think of her on the Feast of All Saints which is a holy day of the Church that honors all saints, which is similar to the way that Veterans Day and Presidents Day are celebrated to honor many people on those days.   My mom was raised at a much different time than now, a time where there was trust and honor, and this country that she loved went through the great depression and the Second World War.  The whole world was a much simpler and safer place years ago before the Internet.  People had beliefs about what they felt was true and what they expected as consequences to their actions and they developed values like (honesty, integrity and dignity).

My mom was a twin and she had a deformed ear.  No one outside of my immediate family ever knew about this, as she was always able to wear her hair long enough to cover up her bad ear.  When women are pregnant with multiples are more likely to have health complications, both them and their babies than if they are pregnant with just one baby.  While still in the womb, some babies have problems with how their organs and body parts form.  Deformation can result from mechanical interference with the normal growth, or improper positioning of the fetus in the uterus. If your child has an ear birth defect, where the deformity was caused by abnormal positioning in the uterus or during birth, you might be feeling overwhelmed and unprepared, but many parents often decide to wait it out, hoping it will be resolved when the ear unfolds and takes on a more normal form, as the child grows.

My grandparents were of Russian decent and my mom Mary was the last of 4 girls.  Mary had a sheltered childhood because her right ear was bad from birth causing her to have a hearing deficiency.  My grandparents found a doctor to examine my mom and he wanted to adopt her because he did not have any children of his own.  He told my grandparents that he would be able to provide much better care for my mom but her parents would not give her up.  My voice is louder than most people and I have trouble whispering sometimes, because I was raised to speak loud so my mother could hear what I was saying.

My mom passed away on Mother’s Day and that seems appropriate as I will always think of her as the world’s greatest mother, because she did so much for me.  My mom had Several incidents involving this turkey soup that will never be forgotten.  She made it with turkey, vegetables and rice.  One incident involved my sister’s dog Rommel, who was a German Schnauzer.  My mom asked my sister if it would be OK to give the last of the turkey soup to Rommel as it was just over a week old and everyone had had their fill of it and my mom did not want to keep the little bit that was left.  About an hour later Rommel was lying on his back kicking his legs up in the air and my family all thought that he was dying from possibly eating turkey soup that had gone bad.  They rushed him off to the animal hospital where he had his stomach pumped and then he recovered.  About 20 years later my brother had enough of my mom taking the blame for Rommel having to go to the hospital, so my brother finally let the cat out of the bag and he spilled the beans, snitching on me that Rommel had gotten into my stash and eaten up my entire bag of weed.

Another event dealing with my mom and turkey soup happened when my mom had just finished cooking a batch of turkey soup.  She put some of it in a container to take it to sister’s house for her family.  My mom placed the container on the passenger front seat of her car and as she drove around the corner she noticed that the soup was sliding off the seat.  She put a lot of work and love into making this soup, so she let go of the steering wheel to try and save the soup.  Her car went off the road, she crashed into a ditch and ended up spilling all of the turkey soup.

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