On Tenterhooks

I am in a state of painful suspense worrying what has become of my beloved country since DJT went to the Whitehouse.  Every day I feel uneasy and I get anxious, because I am living with this nervous anticipation concerning what kind of problems he might cause for me and you could say that I am on tenterhooks.  I am agitated because of the impatient uncertainty that I feel about my future.  I never thought that I would ever use the word tenterhooks, however I do feel strained by the suspense of waiting for the leader of my country to mess something else up again.

18 thoughts on “On Tenterhooks

  1. The rest of the world is also feeling this – what happens when the largest market decides to cut off any input from anywhere else? To exclude anything crossing the border to get in? When everyone outside the borders is an ‘enemy’? What happens when the (super-huge) companies supported by the hugeness of these policies follow the examples set by the leader? What happens when the ‘other’ is treated so badly, trampled under high-horse attitudes and exclusionary practices?
    I have fear, I see what’s happening, I see what could happen – if it does, I (along with millions of others) will fear not only for my life, but also any possible future. I feel strung out on those tenterhooks, bleeding and stretched and about to become a leather hide.
    I probably shouldn’t write this, probably shouldn’t press post, but I will. One day I will die, that isn’t something I fear. What’s happening now is something I fear.

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    1. I am not a political person, but I do not like what is going on in the USA. I never had any fears or doubts under the Obama administration, but the haters are in control now. They live to spread hate so they can control people through fear. I saw them when Obama came on the News, how they would say that he was no good and because of the fear that they spread, look at where we are now. I see that many of them now have changed their minds and they now say that they hate Trump, so maybe there is hope, but a good future can not be built out of fear and hatred.

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      1. Me too – never enjoyed politics, never had a need to be overtly political. Now it’s not only a need, it’s a survival skill – if you can’t read the next few steps, you’ll be trodden down. What was offered that made people vote that way? Can they see now what it was? The manipulation of PR, the sly wording that made it seem ‘too good to be true’? Anyone, anytime, should consider the person who offers you the world at no cost. There’s always a price to pay – and this may be the highest of all. Now they see it – the rich get richer, because only the rich can supply the jobs needed to ensure people stay enslaved to the need to purchase everything new to make their life ‘better’ – the forgotten element is this: if people can’t afford to spend because they pay such high taxes to support the big companies, will they (the bigs) then call on the government for help to bail them out? Yes, and they’ll use the same words as now: no jobs without big business run by megalomaniacs. The Smalls can’t do anything – they’re invisible, aren’t they? Nothing more than the feeders into the system, not the thinkers, not the decision-makers, not important.
        Remember those pyramid schemes? is that what we’re seeing now? And who is at the top of this pyramid?

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      2. The Nazis did the same thing in WW2, installing fear and hatred of the Jews in the hearts of the people and they were duped into thinking that Hitler was a good guy. The Hilary haters did the same thing to this country and maybe it was a time for a change, but we have jumped out of the frying pan right into the fire. Time will tell how history sees this, but I feel sorry for those who do not see what is coming down the road.

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  2. Maybe the answer will be to present a political party that does not rely on personality! Was the current leader elected as a vote against the other? Was it really just a matter of ‘I don’t like her, so I’ll vote for him’ – truly? Return the inner integrity to politics and disable the show-ponies. Please. Unless it’s too late already.

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