A Fish Story

Bait is used to lure or attract fish in hopes of catching them.  If a fish is hungry, there is a good chance that it might bite your bait.  I remember the first time that I went fishing.  My Dad rented a boat, four fishing poles with reels, line and hooks and he got a pail of worms to be used as bait.  My older sister, my younger brother, my Dad and I all got into the boat that was in a large pound.  My Dad rented the boat and the fishing equipment for four hours and he also brought along a cooler with some drinks and some snacks.  He paddled our boat out to the middle of the pound and then he baited our hooks and told us to wiggle our poles to attract the fish.  I started singing that song about the three little fishies and then my Dad told me that I must be quiet, or else we would not catch any fish.

My brother was the first one to catch a fish and my Dad unhooked it for him once my brother reeled it in. My Dad placed the captured fish into a pail of water.  My sister got the next bite and now there were two fish in the pail.  My brother caught another and then my Dad landed a fish.  Everyone caught at least one more fish except for me.  My Dad said that this was a lucky spot because we were catching a lot of fish, but it was not so lucky for me.  My Dad changed the bait in my hook, but that was no help for me either.  It was frustrating for me to see everyone else catching fish.  After we all drank our sodas and my Dad drank his beer, we all needed a bathroom break.

Since the pail was full of fish, my Dad said that we should call it quits and he rowed the boat to shore. When I got out, I saw a washed up fish, so I put it on my hook and I exclaimed to the others to come and look at what I had caught.  They all started laughing, as my decrepit fish was rotting away and falling apart.

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