Tribbles Verses Gremlins

A Tribble is a small, non-intelligent life form that does nothing but consume food and breed.  If you feed a tribble more than the smallest morsel, in a few hours you’ll have ten tribbles, then a hundred, then a thousand!  Tribbles are tiny balls of fluff that reproduce at mind-boggling rates and they make really cute noises and they might have been the inspiration for Furbies.  These little balls of hair seem harmless, but they can wreak a lot of havoc and they may have been the inspiration for Gremlins which came later.

A Mogwai is the very first stage of the Gremlin life cycle.  They are small, furry, rodent-like creatures with big ears, three stubby fingers and toes and the most famous one is Gizmo who is well-meaning and sweet. The mogwai were created on an extraterrestrial planet by a scientist named Mogturmen, as the ultimate organism, docile, loveable little powder puffs, intended to promote peace and good will throughout the galaxy as ambassadors for harmony.  The mogwai were created to be able to survive in almost every environment and also to reproduce very easily.  The mogwai were then sent out to three planets, one of which is the Earth.  Due to several miscalculations, only one in 10,000 Mogwai turned out to be good and affectionate.  Most others turned out to be malicious and evil.  They became the legends and folklore of our ancestors, the pixies and goblins, of fables gone by.  If a Mogwai gets wet, it spawns new mogwais from its back, small balls of fur that are approximately the size of a marble pop out and then the furballs start to grow in about a minute.

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