Your Name Must Be Wi-Fi, Because I’m Feeling A Connection

Wooing a woman with one-liners that are charming, funny and witty works much better in person, than it does over the internet.  The connection of her smile is lost when you make a cyber remark and she has much more time to react, which may cause her to make a sarcastic comment back at you.  Timing is everything in a relationship and time changes everything, so a pick-up line that is meant to be captivating can backfire, crash and burn and be thought of as being cheesy, degrading, sexist, or just too forward.  You should never use a line that indicates you want to see her naked, instead let her know that you want to talk to her.  Keep your pickup line lively and simple and make sure that you come across as being non-threatening.  A good line can get the conversation going and it may be the deal maker for a future date and possibly the catalyst for a relationship that is able to go the distance!

Approaching a beautiful woman can be intimidating for a man, unless they know what really sparks her interest, so they can seal the deal and then they must be able to make the most of what comes after this first impression.  You need to have confidence in yourself in order to make a connection and pickup lines are all about the delivery, which should set the tone for more interesting conversations.  Girls get approached by a lot of weirdo’s, so when you are trying to break the ice, try not to be lame or ridiculous, just be unique, as that usually works.  Making small talk with someone you barely know can be accomplished if you have patients and you also need to practice working on your sparkling personality.

If a girl asks me, “What’s Up?” I am usually ready with a response and most likely I would say, “It all depends on your prospective.  When a person is down, then many things will appear to be up and for a person that is on top of the world, then most things would be down.  It is kind of like the Theory of Relativity, I mean Galilean Relativity, not Einstein’s Special Relativity or his General Theory of Relativity.  We don’t want our brains to explode, before we get to know each other better.”  If this works, then I know that I will be able to relate to this girl.

If you are at a club and you see someone that looks interesting, then try introducing yourself then ask her to dance, don’t just grope her on the dance floor.  Tell her that you think that she is gorgeous (women love compliments) and that you would love to get to know her better.  You could ask her to have a drink and talk, or even say that you would have kicked yourself if you hadn’t at least tried to talk to her.  I have always wanted to try this one, “Do you smoke pot?  Because weed be perfect together.”

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday – Connecting.

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