Dubious Record

The Giants just hit rock bottom and they are now (1–8) after they lost to the previously winless 49ers on Sunday, earning them the dubious distinction of being the second worst team in the NFL, staying only barely ahead of the (0-9) Cleveland Browns.  The Giants found a way for this season to become even more embarrassing and this loss leaves the Giants tying the 1980 team for the worst start in franchise history, and with a home game against the Chiefs next Sunday, there is a good chance for them to officially reach the bottom.  Their offence scores an average of 16.7 points per game ranking them 28th in the league.  The Giants inept defense has even worse statistics, letting up an average of 26.4 points per game where they rank 28th.  They give up 400.3 yards per game ranking them 31st, while they rank 30th in passing and rushing yardage.  Their offense was ineffective against the 49ers who demolished them, and now they have gone 13 straight games where they have failed to score 24 or more points, becoming the longest streak in the NFL right now.

The New York’s offensive struggles boil down to uncreative play calling, static formations, the offensive line is a sieve, no running backs, the loss of Odell Beckham Jr. and the declining performance of Eli Manning, who has lost arm strength and mobility.  It is difficult to blame Eli for the offensive problems, because he is not getting the protection that he needs from the offensive line, as he has already been sacked 22 times this year.  Manning has been eating mouthfuls of turf on almost every other play, due to the Swiss cheese Offensive line that is not doing their job.  With the season being more than half over, the Giants still have seven games left on their schedule.




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