That Time Of Year Again

Jim was excited and his face began to glisten, because his sales package from the American Seed Company and he got out his box cutter to open it up.  Inside there were several sample seed packets (flowers and vegetables) and lucid instructions about how everything worked.  Jim had been selling seeds for the past three years and he had developed many steady customers that he could call on to solicit his seeds.

Last week Jim had counted his bounty that he kept in his drop box and he knew that he only had to sell 80 more seed packets to have enough money to buy that new Stingray bicycle that he had been dreaming about.  However, he would need to keep his funds secret from his snooping younger brother, even if this required him to whisper at times or resort to some type of espionage.

Jim went next door to see Mrs. Jones because he knew how much she lived flowers and vegetables. She greeted Jim while still wearing her suede gloves that she uses for planting and then she asked, “Is it that time of year again?”  Jim handed her the brochure and she remarked that she loved the calyx that was featured on the cover.  Jim thought that was an obscure thing to say, because he was only a dilettante when it came to horticulture.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #178

20 thoughts on “That Time Of Year Again

      1. I ended up at the game room with pinball & video games. At 13, i was living the life in $20/week. The newspaper was afternoon paper that went out of business a little more than a year later

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      2. Yes it was fun. I had a few ‘special’ people to deal with but I was always going somewhere with the route or the money. But i was with friends that could meet up for a pickup game of baseball or football most of the time. There weren’t as many monsters

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      3. For all the convenience of the internet & the number of abuse stories seems to have normalized the behavior to more people who aren’t so stable. I tell my daughters ( in twenties & thirties now) how I grew up & they think we snuck out

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