Pure Evil

The substitute was no neophyte, he was prepared to deal with all of the Middle School Drama, because he gave exactly zero shits about any of their feelings.  He needed the money and if he got good students, then this job was simple, just take attendance, give the students the lesson plan and make sure that none of the students killed one another.  If he was able to do these three things, then he was doing a good job.  He had been subbing for almost four years now and although he did encounter many bad students, he also learned a lot of tricks, like changing a student’s seat when they acted up or flicking the lights off and on to get the students attention.

In general Substitute Teachers have it tough, as there are usually one or two students in every class that want to push the envelope to see how far they can get.  Today’s assignment was to be an Intensive Reading Teacher and he knew that he might have a hard time with some of the students, as all of these students should have learned Reading, Spelling and Vocabulary when they were in Grammar School, but since their grades reflected that they failed, they were forced to take this class.  The students in this class did not want to read, they did not care to learn anything and they had no desire to be in school.

It was an all out planned assault on the Substitute today as soon as he entered the room.  They were all wound up on something, so in order to try and maintain an orderly classroom he had to yell at them to quiet down and talk like normal people.  Everyone knows that Middle School students are the loudest students on the whole planet and since he was a pretty lenient sub he did not mind if the students were talking, as long as this was done at a normal volume level.  Again, the students did not listen to him, so he screamed at them louder to be quiet and when this did not work, he told them all to stop talking because he wanted complete silence.  The wise guy in the class said that since they could not talk, he wanted to know if it was OK to laugh.

The substitute knew that if he let this student win this battle that everything would go downhill from there, so he told that student to get up out of his seat and wait in the hall for an administrator to take him away. This allowed the substitute suppress the laughter that was coming from the other students that looked up to this wise guy as their leader and the sub felt that he had destroyed the onslaught of bad behavior at an early stage in this class.  However this was not the case as even after the student left the class and the administrator was called to come and get him this class was far from being over.

The administrator came into the class with the student and asked the substitute what the student had done wrong.  The substitute replied that the student was disrespectful and that he had disrupted the whole class and then he said that he would be happy to write up a referral on that student.  The student wised off again saying that he had done nothing wrong and that the substitute only picked on him because of the way he is dressed.  The substitute told the student to repeat, “Do you want fries with that?”, as he thought that was all this student would ever amount to, that is if he managed to stay out of prison.  As the administrator removed the disruptive student from the class, he started giving all of his buddies high fives on his way out, saying that they were all his fans.

A battle won and one problem solved, however the substitute still had not given out the lesson plan or taken attendance yet.  The substitute went back to the teacher’s desk, but he kept hearing a tapping sound, and every time he went to the side of the room where it was coming from then it would start on the other side of the room.  The students were not whipped into submission yet, as they kept disrupting the sub while he was trying to read them the teacher’s instructions, but he finally made it through that.  He then encountered a difficult time when taking attendance, because all of the students were making comments after each student’s name was called.  Several students started throwing things (bottle caps and paper) in the class, although the sub was not able to determine who was doing this.  Several students did not stay in their seats and a few of them were actually running around the class.  One student was sitting backwards in his chair with his legs draped over the back of the chair and the substitute had to tell that student several times to sit properly.  This guy was also wearing his hood in class and this was against school rules, so the substitute also had to correct him for this infraction.

One girl left the class without permission twice saying that she had medical needs and that she left her diamond ring in the girls room.  The sub had already let her leave for the rest room and then again for water, so he had to write this girl up.  A student poured water on the teacher’s chair creating a puddle with the intention of getting the substitute to sit in the chair and get his pants wet.  It was a very noisy class and several boys kept getting up out of their chairs and playing with the door and the door stop.  The sub realized that chaos was ruling, and he pushed the panic button again to call for the administrators to come back in.  The substitute told the administrator that all of these students were monsters and that this was the worst class that he ever had.

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  1. That’s one thing that’s as true as time, kids always push the envelope to see what they can get by with when they have a substitute. So tell me, is this a karma thing? How were you to subs back in the day?

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