“He’s terrified of small spaces, didn’t you know?”  Jimmy’s older sister explained, “When he was young, Jimmy got locked him in the fruit cellar and he was stuck in there for hours.  We went to visit Grandma one day and it seemed like Jimmy just disappeared.  We had no idea where he was and Bruce said that he thought that Jimmy may have gone down to the park that was on the corner of the street.  My parents made Bruce and I go to the park to search for him.  Bruce strut down the street acting like he was something real special and all the time he was bragging about his new girlfriend.

There were several kids in the park, but none of them had seen my little brother, so we went back to the house.  My parents and my Grandmother had just finished looking for Jimmy all over the house and when Bruce and I returned, my Dad seemed real concerned about why Jimmy would have vanished without a trace.  My Dad confronted Bruce about why he did not do a better job keeping an eye on his younger cousin.  Bruce started laughing and then he said that he thought that Jimmy was old enough to look after himself.  At this time my Dad said that he was going to call the Police and that was when Bruce stopped laughing.

Then Bruce said that Jimmy may have locked himself in the fruit cellar.  Everybody went down the basement stairs and we all heard Jimmy crying.  My Dad opened up the fruit cellar door and when Jimmy came out he punched Bruce in the face.  My Dad asked Jimmy why he did that and Jimmy explained that Bruce had led him down into the fruit cellar on the pretense of showing him something really cool, but once he went inside Bruce farted and locked Jimmy in there.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday -November 10th, 2017 “He’s terrified of small spaces, didn’t you know?”

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