Displayed and Available

We met on a dating site and I flirted with her for a while before I asked her out on a date.  I picked her up and we went out for dinner.  We had many things in common and I was enjoying being with her.  We each had a couple of drinks with dinner and then I ordered a third round, but I told her that was my limit, as I did not want to take a chance of driving under the influence if I were to drink any more.  She said that since neither of us had any obligations for tomorrow that we should keep on enjoying ourselves and not become party poopers.  Then she suggested that we spend the night in that nice looking hotel just across the street.

I thought that things were moving a little bit too fast for me as this was our first date, but I was not able to say no to her longing eyes.  After a few more drinks and when our dinner was over I picked up some condoms at the corner gas station and we checked into the hotel.  We were all over each other in the elevator going up to our room and she actually jumped into my arms.  I remarked at how athletic she was and she said that she used to be a cheer leader.  I told her that I had never dated a cheer leader before and I asked her if she could do the splits.  She responded by saying that I would soon find out.

Our room was small but it was swanky and I went to the bathroom to relieve myself as she hopped up on the bed.  I found some tooth paste in the bathroom and I swished it over my teeth with my fingers and then I headed back to the bed to see what was waiting for me.  She was her laying naked on her back and her legs were spread wide.  She asked me if I liked her splits and I told her that it was lovely.  She said watch this as I want to show you my signature move and then she spread her legs even wider apart and she hooked her feet behind her head.  I didn’t need any more of an invitation and I started undressing.  She started cheering, “Go Eagles go” and I said, “I guess the spread eagle is your trademark.”

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