One Syllable Silly Rhymes

While on the beach, I began to preach that life requires them to reach each peach.
I did not teach about the wonders of bleach, or make a speech about how owls screech.

The bleeping sheep were in a deep sleep and they did not creep, leap or make a peep.
A steep heap made me weep, because I was the one that had to sweep it up.
I put it in my cheap jeep that made a soft beep, so I could keep what I would reap.

The bear and the mare were quite a pair, who did not glare, scare, stare or swear.
Being on the square, saying a rare prayer in their lair not having a care about hair or being bare.
They did share a flair for air and they made a dare not to sit in a spare chair or climb a stair.

Knowing that you are full of bull, I could not let you pull the wool over my eyes any more.

They found their way through the gray clay, so we could all play while it was still day.
May I say that I like to lay in the hay and stay even if I do not pay.
Yea, I pray that I will slay the prey and that my sleigh will not sway.

Written for the secret keeper Monday, 23, October, 2017 Weekly Writing Prompt #112 where the (5) word prompt includes REACH | DEEP | SQUARE | FULL | PLAY

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  1. I read this in bed with a bit of dread that crumbs from my bread might land on my head, but with all that said, my wife saw red when she asked if the cat named Fred had been fed and I told her that I’d asked our son Ned to feed Fred before he went to bed.

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