Lecture at Cambridge

Isaac Newton was glowing as he approached his mentor Isaac Barrow after he finished giving his lecture, and he told him that he thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the constellations.  Newton glanced over at the woodcuts hanging on the wall and he remarked, “Is that the legendary Galileo Galilei?”  Barrow replied, “Yes that one with the irregular boarder is Galileo.”  Newton asked, “Would you like to go out and get some martinis while we continue discussing calculus?”  Barrow said, “That sounds awesome, but we should find a new place to drink, as I heard that there are spies in the Black Swan and it would be a shame if they were to steal your work before you publish it.”

Newton said, “We could try that new place called the Kings Inn, as I heard that they serve some savory appetizers there.”  Barrow said, “Yes I have heard about that place, it is the one with the giant weather vane hanging out front.  Newton said, “The other day I was sitting under an apple tree and I think I solved the puzzle of gravity.”  Barrow said, “The rule of thumb, is that objects fall toward Earth.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle # 175.

10 thoughts on “Lecture at Cambridge

  1. LOL – how inventive and clever – definitely old world meets new school – and a fascinating twist on this week’s worlde. I like the pub/bar names – fun indeed. Interesting how you combine your skills with technical writing and a love of research, to present these little pieces that are just edgy enough to be satirical. Definitely piques the imagination. What hangs above must surely fall down 😉

    Well done and thanks for playing this week’s wordle 🙂
    Hope you have a stellar week 🙂

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    1. Again it was my pleasure to participate in your challenge. Knowing that Newton invented calculus got me started and the Black Swan and the Kings Inn sounded authentic to me. When that apple landed on Newton’s head, he gave man a new way of looking at gravity.

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