Totally Bagged

The expression ‘Totally Bagged’ is a sequence of words that has a specific meaning to a particular group of people, thus it can be classified as being slang.  I think that mostly the Canadians and maybe others use this phrase to mean extremely exhausted.  Totally can mean to a full extent or degree, as in I am totally upset that you will not be able to attend my birthday party.  Totally can also mean that one has paid particular attention to all aspects or details, as in I am totally sure that I let the cat back into the house.  A study found that the average valley girl says the word totally around 190 times a day.

Bagged can mean to extend outward beyond a usual point, as in his shirt bagged at the waist.  Bagged can also mean to take physical control or possession of something, as in I bagged three squirrels and a rabbit today when I was out hunting.  The term bagged can be used to say that you had sex with someone, so if you shagged a person you would have also bagged them.  Bagged might also mean that you got caught doing something, as a cop can bag a criminal.  Bag can also mean to give up a job or an office, as in since I won the lottery, I am going to bag that job.  Bag can mean to place items in a sack as would be done at a checkout counter in a grocery store.  One of my first jobs was being a bagger.  Fandango, a good friend of mine who values his privacy usually wears a bag on his head, so one might say that he is bagged.

Bagged when used to mean exhausted may stem from the days when a pot of beer was called a bag and intoxicated colleagues were referred to as having put their heads in a bag.  Bagged as exhausted might have been derived from bags that tired people get under their eyes, or from someone being in a sleeping bag.  A person becomes exhausted when their strength, energy or freshness is depleted.  An exhausted person may be broken, burnt out, done in, drained, fatigued, frazzled, knocked out, tired, used up, washed out, weary, worn out or zapped.

Feelings are considered to be a subjective response to a person, a thing or a situation.  Feelings may be referred to as emotions, passions or sentiments.  A feeling may be a belief, conviction, impression, opinion, perception or a sensation that is developed.  A feeling can be an indefinite physical response to a stimulus, as in I am feeling totally bagged.

Life has a way of throwing stuff at you all of the time and no one ever said that life was going to be easy. Sometimes you may feel like you are being crushed by problems and challenges or you might get fed up with people telling you what to do all of the time and this could cause you to get totally bagged.  People that are resilient will be able to solve and manage and overcome difficult situations even when they are feeling totally bagged.  Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from an exhausting situation, an illness, a lifestyle change or a misfortune.

Resilient people will bounce back when they hit bottom.  In the movie Caddyshack, Chevy Chase says, “Be the ball”, as a way of maintaining your focus solely on the ball when playing golf.  A normal ball, not a golf ball will have air pressure inside of it that will cause the ball to bounce back up after it is dropped, because it acts like a spring.  When you are totally bagged, you must learn to bounce back from any adversities, challenges or problems that life throws at you.

Written for October 4th, 2017 – Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday – Totally Bagged.

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  1. Linda’s use of the word “bagged” was unusual for me. I had to figure its meaning out from context, but you helped clarify things. To follow Chevy Chase’s advice should one “be the bag”?

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      1. Yes, but once undisclosed it would no longer be a mystery and I would need to find a true home for all of those surveyed,resident squatters hiding in its depths!

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