They Did Not Want Me

My family moved an awful lot and I moved into my eighth different home by the time I was in Eighth Grade.  We moved sometime in October, and I remember my older sister complaining about having to go to a new school again where she did not know anybody.  She was just 15 and a half months older than I was, but she was two grades ahead of me and she would be a Sophomore in High School.  I never minded moving, because I had become good at making new friends.  I went to a Catholic School and my sister went to the public High School.

Anyway after 8th grade was over, there was some kind of announcement in the local newspaper about new students that were planning to go to the public High School next year as Freshman, if they wanted to play on the football team, that they should go to the school and sign up.  I did not go, as I had no friends to go with.  There was one boy in my neighborhood that was my age, but he was diabetic and he was not going to play football.  On the first day of school I went up to the PE teachers after school was over and told them that I would like to play on the football team and they said that I could not do that, because I missed the sign up day.

I figured that they lost a good player, because I considered myself to be athletic.  I was in pretty good shape and I was coordinated and I really wanted to play.  I ended up hanging out with the cheerleaders, the pom-pom girls and the twirlers, so maybe I was better off because the guys on the team were always practicing and they did not have any time to hang out with the girls.  The next year I went back to the PE coaches again and I told them that I would like to play on the JV football team and they told me that since I did not play freshman football that I would not be allowed on the JV team.  Again, I viewed this as being their loss.

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