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Is Donald Trump making the NFL less popular with his request for the owners to fire those players who kneel or otherwise engage in silent acts of political protest during the singing of the national anthem at games?  I saw some fans on the news burning their NFL jerseys and saying that they are done watching football, but I think these people are in the minority.  This controversy was started during the 2016 season, when the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose not to stand during the pregame playing of the national anthem as an act of protest against racism and police brutality in America.  Trump has claimed, “NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN.  Boring games yes, but many stay away because they love our country.”

This is one of the few viewpoints where I can agree with Trump, as I feel that our National Anthem should be respected and not made into a stage for protests.  The NFL is experiencing a rating problem now, but the slumping ratings may be the result of some of the recent rule changes designed to prevent head injuries and the newer fans.  The league is losing viewers and the NFL does have a ratings problem and the game has changed to be more about scoring in an effort to boost ratings and attract a certain demographic.  These new NFL fans are mostly fantasy football fans who really only care about scoring. They do no need to watch an entire broadcast, as they just care about the highlights.

Fantasy Football is where people from all walks of life, young and old, male or female, create ‘teams’ of players, who are graded by their performance in each week’s real-life football game and all you have to do is check the internet or go on the RedZone channel to see how the players that you picked are doing. Fantasy Football will continue to grow with these new fans and because of that, NFL ratings will continue to decline.  Although online poker was banned, wagering money on fantasy sports, has been deemed a game of skill that requires knowledge of a players’ likely performances and therefore this is not considered to be a game of chance, which allows websites like DraftKings and FanDuel to do business.

I think that fantasy football is more about studding this sport than it is about actually enjoying the game. Most of the fantasy football participants have a great deal of knowledge about football and they keep track of many statistics.  People participate in fantasy sports to stay connected with their friends and many of these people love competition.  The draft could be the best part of fantasy football, however everyone wants to win the prize money to have bragging rights and dish out some trash talk.

10 thoughts on “Fantasy Football

  1. Agreed. There are much better ways to call attention to the problem that wouldn’t manage to piss off the fans and make them find something else to do on Sunday afternoon. Honestly, I don’t think the President has that much to do with people turning off the NFL; if anything, his disapproval probably encourages people to watch as a sort of “in yer face” to him. But what the players did last week turned the sport into a sideshow where the “taking a knee” suddenly became more important than the game itself, and that’s never good.

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    1. I agree this taking a knee and even the locking arms to show unity is detracting from the real purpose of playing our National Anthem. Unity is a good thing, but they must find another venue to express their feelings as this is inappropriate.


  2. I disagree with your position on these protests. You’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker for Trump’s false narrative that these protests are anti-American, anti-flag, and unpatriotic. They are not. They are protests about how black Americans are being unfairly targeted and treated by the police; how they’re being shot and killed BECAUSE they are black.

    How else can these players express their concerns? This is the only public platform they have. Protesting in private gets no one’s attention. Kneeling during the National Anthem is a peaceful way of getting their message across.

    Don’t be taken in by Trump’s false narrative.

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    1. I have never been with Trump, but I do not feel that anyone (Black or White or any color) should be protesting during the National Anthem. If they are serious about this cause, then they should find another way to express their sentiments. I did not say that these protests are anti-American, anti-flag, or unpatriotic, I just think that they need to protest when the National Anthem is not being played. Is this the only way that they can get attention for a cause which I think is legitimate? No they just want to have their cake and then they want to eat it also. If they would all unite, I am sure there is another way.


      1. “I just think that they need to protest when the National Anthem is not being played.” Then when and how should these players protest when the president, not really understanding why they’re protesting, calls them sons of bitches and says they should be fired for taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem? They’re not disrespecting the song, the flag, or the country. They’re peacefully protesting the treatment of their fellow citizens by the police at a time when Trump is actively encouraging police to be more rough and tough and when the Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice are taking overt steps to look the other way when police violence against blacks does happen. These athletes are not looking to have their cake and eat it. They’re just trying to heighten awareness of a serious societal problem and racial bigotry in this country by those in authority in a visible and very non-violent way. If you’re so sure there’s “another way” or a better way, what might that be?

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      2. We can both agree on Trump being an A-hole. I was against these protests before Trump was elected. I am a DISAGREEER, not a hater. Our country is filled with too many haters! I do not have the answer for when they should protest, but I am sure that playing football is probably much easier than most other people’s jobs, so if they are committed to this cause, then they should find a way. Here is where I disagree with you, as I think that they are disrespecting our song, our flag and our country. I am certain that there is “another way” that would be a better way, but I do not know what that might be. I think the solution should be to keep all the players in the locker room till after our National Anthem is played and then let them take the field.

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      3. “I think the solution should be to keep all the players in the locker room till after our National Anthem is played and then let them take the field.” Two comments on your suggested solution. First, the solution to what? Certainly not to what it is that the players are protesting against. Second, “outta sight, outta mind.”


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