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I feel empowered when I can say something that is witty.  I work as a substitute teacher which requires me to inform the students of the lesson plan that their teacher left for them.  The other day my students finished their assignment and there was still time left in the class, so I told them a story from my first book, ‘Man’s Footprint in Water’.  They had just watched a short video about Jamestown, John Smith and Pocahontas and I told them that I had another story about the Virginia colony and I asked them if they wanted to hear it.

I told them this story from my book.  In the fall of 1609, several hundred European settlers were struggling to survive on swampy Jamestown Island, as they were riding out a brutal drought and hoping for boatloads of supplies to arrive.  By the following spring, after a horrific winter that became known as the ‘starving time’, all but 60 residents had perished.  Their drinking water was contaminated by salt, arsenic, human waste or a combination of all of this.  This disastrous sequence of events plunged Jamestown into famine, and as the winter wore on, scores of Jamestown’s inhabitants suffered from diseases associated with malnutrition and contamination, including dysentery, typhoid and scurvy.  It is believed that dirty water with a dangerously high amount of salt sickened the colonists.  The colonists were drawing water out of the same place where human and animal waste was being deposited.

My first book is filled with water stories, as it starts out in the beginning of human history and it features stories where people make significant contributions with water.  It is meant to be a coffee table book (oversized hard-covered lavishly illustrated book whose purpose is to be displayed on a table intended for use in an area in which one entertains, or perhaps the lobby of a business), that anyone can read and it can be opened to any page to read a short story.  This book like my other books is not published yet.  I have not put any pictures in it yet and in order to be published it would need pictures.  It contains about one thousand different stories and I usually tell people that if they name a person from history, that there is a good chance that I can tell them a water story.  I love playing this game with my students.

My second book, ‘Ancient Book of Eli’ is an epic (long novel) adventure and I have planned on publishing this book first.  It is full of stories, poetry and songs and I think that I mentioned that it is a long ass book containing over 282 thousand words.  One day I was supposed to read ‘The Little Prince’ to my Fourth Graders, but I could not find the book, so I asked them if they would like me to read them a story about a pirate ship that gets attacked by a sea monster and they all said ‘yes’.  I read them my story and at the end of the day they all lined up by my desk to ask for my autograph and although this made me feel good, it was also embarrassing.

Picture by Renee Clarke

My newest book, which is not for everyone is titled, ‘So You Want To Learn Calculus’ is also filled with stories. This book will teach students how to do calculus, but its real purpose is to motivate students to enjoy and understand math.  My book provides a background on many topics, so students can acquire knowledge without having it drilled into them.  I discuss the history numbers and other mathematical topics, so students can learn how math evolved into what we have today.  This book starts out with a lot of basic information, but then it delves deep into some complicated subjects.  If you read this book, you will learn many things such as astronomy, heat, light, the theory of relativity and even about quantum physics.

This post was written for the Daily Prompt and Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 5 which deals with the following two questions.  What is it that makes you feel powerful?  What is that strength which makes your time on this planet worthwhile?

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  1. Great post Jim, and I know that life as a substitute teacher is not easy but its great you have such wonderful resources to draw upon when in the classroom. The story the kids I taught most liked was when I told them about my childhood. They were fascinated that I had no internet and for a long time no TV…..

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      1. Well childhoods can only be discussed with groups who actually want to listen and who think you might have something interesting to say…not every class I taught was that way inclined.


      1. If I see a guy wearing a bag on his head, then I will know that it is Fandango, and he did say that he looks a bit like Steve Bannon. As for recognizing you, all I know is that you are British and I think that you might be connected with the Royal family.

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  2. Mr Adams, you are a wonderful person and that reflects in your simple, lucid, fun filled but message driven writings. Waiting for your books to get published so that i can read and enjoy them.
    Do read mine if you have the time and comment. It’s a short story, slightly long but worth the read, i promise. Thanks Neel.

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