The Next Launch is Coming

Is North Korea a nation of stoners?  Is weed legal in North Korea?  It will be hard for them to launch missiles if their short-term memory is totally shot.  Many people say that North Korea is also a weed-smoker’s paradise.  There are conflicting reports on the legal status of cannabis in North Korea.  Multiple reports from defectors and tourists claim there is no law regarding the possession of cannabis in North Korea, or maybe it is unenforced.  As a result, it is not classified as a drug.  However, other reports claim that cannabis is illegal.

There is no great stigma about weed in North Korea, as it does not have the sort of fetish that surrounds it in the West.  Despite the government’s deadly serious stance on the use and distribution of hard drugs like crystal meth (which has a notorious legacy in the country), marijuana is reportedly not considered a drug.  Marijuana plants grow freely along the roadsides and the government doesn’t crack down on the use of marijuana (or opium).  In the black markets of North Korea, marijuana is commonly sold at a cheap price and is easily obtainable.  Therefore, the drug is especially popular among the lower classes of North Korean society.  After a day of hard manual labor, it is common for North Korean workers to smoke marijuana as a way to relax and soothe tight or sore muscles.  Marijuana appears to be commonly used in North Korea as a casual, cheap escape from an otherwise tightly controlled society suggests that for all the other worries they have to put up with.  Newspaper is used for rolling paper, but the weed in North Korea isn’t very strong.

4 thoughts on “The Next Launch is Coming

    1. North Korea is isolated but people do travel there and this may be a rumor, but there are a lot of rumors and usually where there is smoke there is fire. My original thought was to write about North Korean rockets being launched, but when I ran across this I felt it was more interesting.

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