Day 28: Hometown Atmosphere

Day 28: Was your hometown like one big family or just a group of strangers?

Written for Suzanne McClendon’s September Challenge

The people in my neighbor were close, but the town as a whole seemed more like strangers to me.  We never had any block parties, but everybody on my street knew each other.  We knew that when Mrs. C. was coming home from the time that she spent drinking at the bar that it would be safer for us to be on the sidewalk, instead of playing in the street.  My next door neighbor seemed to know when the school sent home warning cards (letting parents know that you might be failing a subject) and then I could grab them out of the mail and throw them away before my parents saw them.

We all rode our bikes together, played baseball and football together and went to school together.  For the most part everyone got along even though we did wrestle each other and play rough sometimes.  One kid was a bit of a bully, but I always felt sorry for him because he was a diabetic and he had to take insulin injections.

5 thoughts on “Day 28: Hometown Atmosphere

  1. Those were great times, my parents were never worried about me after school so long as I checked in occasionally but as a parent in this day and age, I felt like I needed to know exactly where my kids were at all times – just too many news stories of kids being abducted, drive by shootings, gang violence etc. #whatsthisworldcomingto

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    1. I am happy that I grew up when I did in those simpler days before child predators were lurking around every corner. I live near Orlando and it seems to draw the dregs of society so they can be near children and at least once a week I hear about some kind of pervert doing something weird.


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