Pickup Artist

I am not a stalker, as I would refer to myself as liking this girl and being actively interested in her, or I might say that I am enthusiastically engrossed in getting to know her better.  The word stalking means to pursue or approach your prey and although I do want to be with her, I am not an asshole and I know when to quit.  Nobody wants to be anyone else’s prey, I would never get to first base with her if she thought that I was stalking her, no one would accept this as normal behavior.  I dig her and I am in this for the long run.

I just need some help to get started and if she likes me back, then that would be real cool and then I would be all in for the chase.  If we don’t hit it off, I will be OK with that also and I will move on, but I need to at least make a try at getting to know her.  I just need to know whether or not we are right for each other.  The last thing that I want to do is to annoy her in some way, because that would definitely turn her off.  I know that there are some guys who can be real pests, attacking girls with the incessant texts, asking a girl what they are doing at every given minute of the day even when they hardly know them.  This approach will only end up in being  ignored, because the girl thinks that you are a creep.

I know the only way for me to attract her is to play it cool.  I am not going to text her, or even try to flirt with her, till I know that she wants to hang out with me.  I will not be trolling her on Facebook, or Instagram, or Snapchat.  I will not be riding my bike past her house to see if she is home, because I am not a creep.  The key is for me to just get out there and give her the freedom to choose me or to turn me down and I will learn to live with the choice that she makes.  I am confident and I will not freak out if I am rejected, which will both work in my favor and since most men don’t have the balls nor the confidence to simply walk up to an attractive woman during the daytime and start a conversation with her, this will allow me to stand above the other dudes that might be pursuing her.

The hardest thing for me to do will be approaching her for the first time.  I know how to talk to girls and I know exactly what I will say to her when I get my chance.  I will ask her, “What do you have planned for later today?”  This should catch her off guard because she probably won’t be used to anyone being this direct with her by asking her questions this fast in our first encounter and if she is intrigued, she will probably answer by saying that she doesn’t have anything all that important planned for the rest of the day.  Then I smile at her because I know that we have connected and I ask her if she wants to hang out for the rest of the day.  If I do a good job in capturing her interest, then we get to hang out and there is always that possibility that she could genuinely be busy and in that case, I tell her maybe we could do it another time.  This is only going to happen if I can put myself in the right position to meet her.

Anyone who has ever successfully met someone else in the entire history of the world has made a plan on how they do this and I know about a party next weekend where she will most likely be going to.  I will show up with my friends and since girls always take more time getting dressed, I will probably get there before she does.  I will need an excuse to talk with her as soon as she arrives at the party, so when I see her, I will smile at her and I will say, “This is such a coincidence that you showed up now, as I was just looking for someone to dance with.”

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