Song Stuck In My Head

I got this song stuck in my head and I can’t explain why this music got stuck in my head, but I am sure that this happens to many people.  The term ‘earworm’, is used to describe a short snippet of music that settles inside of your mind and then it repeats on an endless loop.  This tune is stuck in me know and some of the words did come back to me but mostly they are irrelevant as they are subject to change every time this song is sung.

All the girls in France
Do the hoochie koochie dance
All the men wear glasses
To see the ladies’ asses
And the dance that they do
Will make you boogaloo
And the love they make
Is enough to charm a snake
Every step they take
Is enough to kill a snake
And the way they shake
Could really kill a snake
When the snake is dead
They tie it around their head
When the snakes are dead
They put roses in their head
There’s a place in France
Where the naked ladies dance
There’s a hole in the wall
Where the men can see it all
But the men don’t care
Cause they lost their underwear
And the cops never shoot
Cause they think it’s kind of cute
There a place in France
Where the alligators dance
If you give them a glance
They could bite you in the pants
There’s a place on Mars
Where the ladies smoke cigars
Every puff she makes
Is enough to kill the snakes
When the snakes all die
They put diamonds in their eye
When the diamonds break
The dancing makes them ache
When the diamonds shine
They really look so fine
The king and the queen
Have a rubber ding-a-ling
All the girls in France
Have ants in their pants

This tune is a take-off of a song named ‘The Streets Of Cairo’, which was introduced to the American public a century ago by Sol Bloom.  Bloom was the entertainment director of the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, which was celebrating the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World.  One of its attractions, called A Street In Cairo, included snake charmers, camel rides, the infamous dancers that later spawned the legend of Little Egypt, and other exciting things to entertain turn-of-the-century fair-goers.  Click the link below to hear this song.

The Streets of Cairo.midi


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