Bus Crash

Photo prompt is provided by Pamela S. Canepa

You can’t see it now because it is so dark, but right over there is where the two busses collided into each other.  It was a really tragic morning, the crash sounded like an explosion, people started running for their lives, as the smoke poured out of both buses from the impact.  The impact was so strong, that cars on the street were being turned over like dominos.  Three people were killed and more than a dozen others were hurt, as the force of the crash sent the charter bus right through the front entrance of that fast food restaurant.  Sixteen others were hurt in the crash, mostly suffering broken bones and gashes, but some are still in critical condition fighting for their lives.  One bus was speeding, barreling down the street and the sheer destruction caused both of the busses to spin around and one of the buses then slammed into a building, compromising the structure’s integrity.  Police, firemen and rescue workers swarmed in to help and the intersection was closed off for hours.

175 Words
Written for Priceless Joy’s September 18, 2017 133rd Challenge Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

24 thoughts on “Bus Crash

  1. I am having trouble with writing something for this picture tonight, so I may have to sleep on it and try to get a fresh perspective in the morning. Right now the only thing that comes to mind is a horrendous bus crash!

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    1. It is OK to joke as this was written as Flash Fiction. It did come from a real event, but there is no location mentioned and no names are included. It was a tragedy and I am dedicating this post to all of those who were involved.

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