Resting Peacefully in My Grave

I am the writer in my family and when my Mom and Dad passed, I had to write both of their eulogies. Today I will write my own eulogy, even though I am not dead yet.  I will probably ask my nephew to read this at my burial.

The world will be much darker and I have tears in my eyes
Jim was an all around good guy who we are here to eulogize
Here lies a man that was called Jim
I don’t have to go out on a limb
To say he was bright and not dim
He was known to do many things on a whim
Jim would not want us to feel sorrow for him
He would want us to laugh and not be grim
Jim smiled and then waved his hand
He traveled off to an unknown land
He thought that he was a writer
Jim was a lover, not a fighter
His soul will soon be soaring above us up in the sky
His writing will never be read and this makes me cry
The clouds will come and the Sun will go, as Jim’s body decays
I am sure that he will be up in heaven writing some of his essays
The clouds will disperse and surly the Sun will come out to shine again
This may take a while, but he will be with all of us every now and then
He loved life and it is sad that he is dead
Here Jim will be resting his weary head
I will remember the happy times when we played golf and drank beer
Jim was always a bit odd, but nobody ever said that he was austere
He may not have accomplished much in his time here on Earth
He was a humble man, who was not aware of his own worth
We can weep about his parting, but life goes on
I have no more words left, now that Jim is gone

Written for sammicoxwriter September 16, 2017 Weekend Writing Prompt #20 – Resting

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