Who Is Lilith

The creatures of the desert will encounter jackals and the hairy goat will call to its kind.  Indeed, Lilith (a mysterious night demon who took advantage of darkness to trick her prey) will settle there and find herself a place of rest.  According to a legend, Lilith was created by God from dust and placed in the Garden of Eden with Adam until problems arose between them.  When Adam tried to exert his dominance over Lilith, she refused to lay beneath him during sex, because she believed they were created equal, both being made  from dust by God at the same time.  Adam disagreed with her conjecture and Lilith fled the Garden of Eden to gain her independence.

Adam informed God that his mate Lilith had left, so God sent three angels, Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof, the angels who are in charge of medicine, to try and retrieve her.  The three angels found Lilith sleeping in the cool darkness of a cave and they told her that they had a message for her from He Who Must Be Obeyed.  Lilith recognised the voices of Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof as she had known all of them since the beginning of time.  Lilith felt embarrassed that her cave was such a mess and she wished that they would go away and come back another day.  She knew that her dramatic hasty exit had freaked out Adam, when she flew out of the Garden in a cloud of chaos.  Lilith asked, “So what does the Big Boss want?”  Senoy replied, “Peace and harmony amongst all His children is all He desires.”  Lilith said, “I know that He wants Adam to become strong and powerful, so that he can govern all of paradise and there is no way that I am going to bow down to him.”

Lilith went on saying, “I can’t go back, as you don’t know how horrible it was being with Adam, as he would put me down all the time, criticise my appearance, he always complained about my cooking, and he strutted around as if he owned the place.  The only time we ever enjoyed peace and harmony was when I complimented him on the size of the luckless creature he’d slaughtered for supper, which I was supposed to skin, gut and make edible and then serve with a glass of wine.  Or if I joined him in the worship of his fabulous phallus, which was the focus of endless fascination for Adam and the source of his greatest pleasure.  I am glad that I left, as it was lonely being the only intelligent creature in the Garden.  Adam didn’t have any respect for me and he made me feel inadequate and undesired.”

Lilith told the angels that she would go back to Adam only if he agreed to her terms and conditions which are, that he should stop acting like a macho a-hole all the time and that he should not try to use her like a doormat.  Lilith said, “I need him to tell me that he loves and honours me and then there will be peace in our tent.   In return Adam will get me, and my loyalty and devotion.  If Adam does not agree then that is his problem, not mine.”  Adam did not agree to these terms, so Lilith did not return to the Garden.

Lilith started miraculously bearing children and the angels came back and told her they would kill all of her children every day that she continued her disobedience.  After the angels’ departure, Lilith tried to return to the garden, but upon her arrival she discovered that Adam already had another mate, Eve.  Legend has it that in revenge of this threat by the angels, Lilith started killing children and all still born infants and crib deaths (SIDS) were blamed on her.  Another story tells that Lilith did come back to the Garden one night and had sex with Adam while he was sleeping and stole his seed, so she could replace her children that were killed by the angels.

I wrote my own story of Lilith, but it is different, as I saw no reason for her to become a succubus.  Adam’s first wife, Lilith was made at the same time as Adam and she was a beautiful woman, but she quarreled with Adam constantly.  The weather was always perfect every day and neither Adam or Lilith ever wore clothes.   They spent their nights together and they discussed what each other did during the day, however they were never intimate with each other.  Lilith enjoyed swimming and she would sing to the animals while Adam enjoyed exploring and hunting.  Adam ventured out every day, leaving Lilith in charge of keeping the fire going.

Adam liked to hunt squirrels and he would skin them and cook them, but Lilith only ate fruit and vegetables.  Adam would come home tired and many times Lilith would have eaten before he got back and that upset him when she did not wait.  Adam was a virile man and he was always playful.  He had a penchant for slapping Lilith on her backside, especially when she bent over to pick something up.  This behavior irked Lilith and caused them to distance themselves even more.  Adam got aroused when he saw his beautiful wife and he always asked her to submit to his advances, but Lilith had no interest in being taken.  Adam asked her to be an obedient partner saying, ‘Lie beneath me, woman!’, but Lilith knew that she had been created from the same dust that Adam was and she always felt that she was his equal.  Lilith told Adam, ‘You don’t own me, so don’t tell me what to do.’  Lilith had free will, the same as Adam and thus she did not have to submit to his desires.  They did not fight about who should be on top, as Lilith was frigid and she just did not see any point in having sex.

Their quarrelling became more constant and one day Adam arrived back home late and he was smiling, because he had snagged six squirrels that day, but his happy mood quickly changed to despair, when he saw that Lilith had let the fire die out.  He yelled at Lilith and called her lazy for not doing the one chore that she was in charge of.  She yelled back at Adam and said she was glad that the fire died out, as now she would not have to smell the stinking squirrels cooking.  Adam told Lilith that he was sick of her and that he wished they had never met.  Lilith said, ‘That is impossible, as there is no one else around here’.  Lilith was fed up, so she spoke the true name of God,YHVH’, and then she soared up into the air.  Lilith attained immortality and gained entrance into heaven, escaping Adam and all the bickering.  Contrary to stories that you may have heard about Lilith, she did not become a demon, as God graciously accepted her into His house and she is up in heaven now, as she was born without original sin.  God then came to Adam and said, ‘I have the perfect woman for you, but it will cost you an arm and a leg’.  Adam responded ‘God, what can I get for a rib’?

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