I Feel Like An Idiot

Photo prompt by shivamt25

You give me this chair which is probably made for a Kindergartener and then you tell me to be quite and sit by these potted plants.  You told me that I am free to roam around in this room, as long as I cooperate and that I don’t tell anyone what I saw you do.  It is just my luck, as I only came over here to borrow a cup of sugar for my coffee and I stumbled into this mess.  I see that you are packing up to leave town and believe me your husband was a real asshole, so I am glad that you shot him.  I played golf with him once and he talked in my backswing, drove his cart on the green and I saw him take a ball out of his pocket and pretend like he did not lose one.  I am sure that he had it coming and that he got exactly what he deserved.  You should get some club soda for that blood stain on the couch.

FffAW Challenge by Princess Joy Posted for Week of September 12, 2017
174 Words

24 thoughts on “I Feel Like An Idiot

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your compliment. Flash Fiction is not really my style, but when I saw this picture, that small chair seemed to stick out, so I had a place to start. I think I was watching something about a murder on TV and the rest of the story just seemed to flow.

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