The Claw

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My hand is becoming a claw and for some reason it wants to get you.  The claw is very powerful, it will grab you and crush your bones into dust.  The claw is hungry now and you know that nothing can stop the claw!  Ooh, the claw’s coming to get you.  You should run, go save yourself before the claw attacks you!  Mom just became the claw, and now we are both after you.  Mom, I hope that Junior does not discover that the claw actually does have a weakness.  No, I will never tell him that it loses all of its power when someone is no longer scared of the claw.  I am not sure where he is hiding, but the claw is pointing this way, so he is probably behind the couch.  There he is, so claw do your stuff and get him.

FFfAW Challenge by Princess Joy Posted for Week of September 05, 2017
145 words

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