Telekinesis Used To Grow Hair

Anyone can be trained to harness their psychic mind abilities that will allow them to influence or manipulate or move a physical system (matter/objects) without physical interaction.  Most people do not believe in telekinesis and they think that this power is just a Jedi mind trick from Star Wars movies. Telekinesis is actually how the pyramids were built as great stones were levitated off the ground and put in place.  Being able to elevate stones is not the only purpose of Telekinesis, as it can also be used to beautify and even grow your hair.

Mind control is all about being comfortable, sitting, relaxing and breathing effortlessly.  You might start off by closing your eyes and letting go of all of your stress.  Clear your thoughts so you can focus and feel the energy contained inside of nature.  This will take some practice and persistence so try not to become disappointed if your telekinesis experiment does not work on the first attempt.  Try not to think about the process or what may or may not happen, just practice relax and enjoy getting in touch with the universe.  The process of developing some type of telekinesis usually takes at least 7 days to get any results at all, and this only happens if you continue to practice.

You should stop immediately, if you get a headache.  If you believe in magic, then listen and smile, as when Dorothy started tapping her feet it worked for her, and this stuff will really blow your mind.  Without believing it is possible it will not manifest into anything, only when you believe then you can move objects with you mind and you will!  Focus all your attention.  There is no room left in your mind for thoughts of what you had for dinner last night.  Once you are ready, then you can recite this spell that will add glow and softness to your hair and even grow hair on a cue ball.  Beat an egg and honey in a bowl and then massage this mixture onto your head while repeating the magic spell.

“I usually do not pine or whine, but I have seen the sign.
This hair of mine has crossed the line and it is in need of a smoothing spline.
It is not fine, it is more like twine that belongs on a swine.
I will make it grow till it is sublime with a beauty that is divine.
My hair will be a shrine that will dance and shine.
I am counting to nine, then I will drink the wine from my stein.”

Wash your hair off with warm water after about a half hour and let the magic do its work.  It works best if it is cast this spell at least once a week.

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    1. If you are falling asleep, then you need to try a different approach maybe something on a visual nature. You are walking past many beautiful flowers, down a path to a gate and as you swing the gate open a lizard jumps off of it and says takes Kansas City over New England and give the nine points.

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